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Containment 1x12 + Gotham 2x01&2x02 Reviewed

Yes Is The Only Living Thing
Even the channel broadcasting this makes jokes about it being cancelled. The cordon folk continue their relatively joyless existence on Day 17. Katie’s dead - why should we care? Cannerts is in peril. Nobody has self-assurance and honed judgement. There are appalling habits and people are unapologetic about their opportunism and non-benevolent leeching. Jake is sad. This was cynical garbage. Nobody does deep interior dives. Poor Cannerts learns of the campaign of vilification. Teen mom, her baby daddy and her baby wander off. Jana babbles. Nothing corrective happens. Why is Lommers so calculatingly dishonest? People take belligerent stances. This was deeply unpromising and people recall that Leanne is dead. CBRN is involved. Jake steals from the dead. Lex finds monkey skeletons and the real Patient Zero. Toxic Barbie sneers. Lex orates. There is no Leo Greene. Crap goes down. Katie’s brat annoys and the breach is discovered.

Best Lines:
“Combined sewer overflow.”


Damned If You Don’t...
Bruce is taller and still snotty. Gordon directs traffic and then is fired. Bullock works in a bar. Penguin is a crime lord. Nygma has cracked. James Frain shows up as the new big bad Theo. Barbara is in Arkham with Jerome. Barbara has an admirable rejection of sanity. Loeb is evil. Kittengirl hangs out with Penguin. There is a melange of oddness and withering bitchiness. People regard rules as optional. Penguin and Gordon are strongly linked. Bruce whines and is a moron. Penguin menaces Loeb. This was okay. Theo and his odd US accent interests. Lee whines. Theo and his leather clad sister Tabitha plot.

Best Lines:
“It’s a mirror. That’s how they work.”

“Persuasive personality.”

“Makes us angry.”

“That fruitcake leprechaun.”

“Criminal lunatics.”

Knock Knock
The Arkham escapees’ rampage. Theo and Tabitha Galavan plot something. Bruce isn’t that smart. WTF is Alfred up to? Why isn’t anyone wondering why Bruce doesn’t go to school or leave his stately manor? Alfred has no subtle influence on the unrestricted ass Bruce. The bratty teen tantrums and shrieks and can’t fire his legal guardian. Why would Alfred go back to the toerag? Who is Bullock’s woman? Bruce and his ‘barely restrained emotion’ is a joke. Nygma stalks Miss Kringle. Alfred menaces Fox. There is death and this was okay.

Best Lines:
“Love you.”

“What is a kipper?”

“Yeah, sure you are. Now.”

“That was strangely pleasant. Do it again.”

“She’ll understand. Or she won’t.”
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