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Book Reviews: The Struggle + The Fury

The Vampire Diaries #2: The Struggle by L.J. Smith
This 1991 novel sees the ruinously sociable Elena obsess over the boring Stefan while the sexually confident Damon sees her as designated for the enjoyment of his perverted self. The determinedly insular Fell’s Church is a bleak desolate place where the monstrously overblown mishmash of a plot takes place. Everyone is totally unlikable and they make a concerted effort to annoy. Why is everyone competing for Elena’s attentions? Caroline has stolen Elena’s diary and plans to read it out in public as an act of pure aggression. Tyler is a jerk jock as Caroline plots dishonour and infamy for her despised former friend.

Damon has a late life obsession with Elena; he has no menacing nonchalance or evil utterances. He’s just a boring vampiric sex offender. This has no moody atmosphere and is just bland. Young girls are attacked and menaced by men. Nobody cares. The coda isn’t startling. This was diligently boring as there is death and yet again Stefan plans to seriously face down Damon and compel the asshole to leave.

Best Lines:
“That’s a disgusting dream.”

“I don’t know; killers are sort of romantic.”

“Tyler has something against the Fells.”
“But they’re all dead,”

“I’ve heard my parents talking about her family - no wonder she never mentions them.”

“But if you want to see Stefan Salvatore run out of town on the evidence of his own girlfriend’s diary...”

The Vampire Diaries #3: The Fury by L.J. Smith
This 1991 novel sees Elena turned into a vampire as Stefan and Damon adhere to some harmful aspects of traditional masculinity. There is a twist, nefarious motives and adults command absolutely no respect. This repudiates sense.

Best Lines:
“The school where the undead walk? Is that the kind of publicity you want?”

“You did everything all wrong. You were supposed to be sorry and cry, and comfort each other. I did it for you. But instead you ran and got swords.”
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