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Shades Of Blue 1x11 Reviewed

The Breach
Stahl boffs his Harlee lookalike hooker. Bad Donnie (Michael Esper) plots. Wozniak yells and stands open mouthed. Everything goes awry. Christina hangs out with Miguel and his sly hints. Harlee makes disgusted sighs. Miguel sniffs around and lurks like a horror movie villain; he is a stain on humanity. There are no ethical choices. Stahl lies. Harlee learns of his lies and obsessions. Miguel lurks more. This ep had an infinite capacity for the ridiculous. People are deliberately misled. Significantly guilty people plot. People get shot and there are complications. There are negative responses and this was all deadly serious anguished sincerity.

Best Lines:
“You beg forgiveness.”
“I won’t get it.”

“I like to argue.”

“G-Man Ken doll.”

“Giving his ‘Henry V’ speech.”

“How bad a beating do you want?”

“Don’t do that again.”

“Be the monster he is.”

“Money trumps pride.”

“Confirm it from over there.”

“There’s plenty he can find.”
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