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Book Reviews: Crosstalk + The Awakening

Crosstalk by Connie Willis
Sadly like ‘Impossible Things’, ‘Uncharted Territory’, ’Fire Watch’ and ’All Clear’, this was humourless, full of aggressive goofiness and had snail slow pacing. It lacks all vitality, spark and absorbing characters. The notion of couples getting surgery to experience each others emotions may be an intriguing premise. But this is written without insight or ingenuity. One doesn’t care about the consequences that go beyond the personal, mass misunderstandings, the dreamily naïve heroine and her harrowing and disorientating plight. This was dull and full of paddywackery. This was exceptionally bad, badly constructed and particularly disappointing.

The Vampire Diaries #1: The Awakening by L.J. Smith
Before the dreadful TV show, its spin off and the ghost-written novels, there was this 1991 abomination. Bimbo Elena is full of giddy ridiculousness and weary eye-rolling distain. Vampire Stefan looms pretending to be a teenager so he can hang out at a high school like a sex offender. Flashbacks show how his asshole brother Damon mined conflict and had a propensity for the irrational.
Elena’s friends are all morons. She has unjustified smugness and this was relentlessly ungood. Caroline is monstrously displeased with her former pal Elena which makes her evil. Her specific problem is not yet explained. Elena and Stefan have insta-love for no more plausible or accurate reasons than they just do.

This mess has no modest hostility. Baddies make no concessions to restraint and this wasn’t even peripherally relevant. This makes no innovative shapes and has inadequate dialogue. This was not an unsettling study of twisted bourgeois logic. This has bitterness but no resolutely calculated movements or bruising emotional moments. This wasn’t highly diverting just dreadful.

This wasn’t a chilling portrait just hokum packed with exposition and explanation and a stricken horde of teens with no concept of de-escalation methods. Everyone is a moron who acts bizarrely. I’ll hate read ‘The Struggle’, ‘The Fury’ and ‘The Reunion’.
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