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Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire Eps 1&2 Review

Wench Trouble/Golden Powers

This is a heavy handed but occasionally funny sword and sorcery spoof. A muscle bound idiot, a slut, a moron, a fake wizard and a toyboy form a band of merry warriors who fight against an evil empire. The idiot, Krod, turns out to be the chosen one who will bring down the empire with his trusty flaming sword and his band of half-wits. Meanwhile nearby Chancellor Dongalor and his toady plot to do nefarious things with a mysterious ancient artefact which is described as: "The deadliest weapon of the ancient world. Lost for millennia but recently unearthed by the finest child labour ever to feel the lash!"

It has bad acting but has some really funny dialogue on occasion. This is okay and I'll keep watching to see Krod achieve his destiny.

Best Lines:
"I'm talking about your wardrobe...you need more of it. Starting with underpants. Which from now on are mandatory."

"How can they live like this?"
"Your aggressive taxation Sir leaves them no choice."

"There's no shame in fleeing. Well there is at first, but eventually it goes away."
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