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Movie Reviews: Last Dance + Short Circuit

Last Dance (1996)
Sharon Stone, Rob Morrow, Randy Quaid, Peter Gallagher, Jayne Brook and Skeet Ulrich star in this death row drama. Rob Morrow is a maverick rich kid screw up lawyer who shaves while driving and has a terminally 90s haircut. He works in the clemency office due to string pulling by his bro (Gallagher). His colleague (Quaid) sneers. Rob Morrow does lots of ranting but one can’t stop looking at that 90s hair. There is bad ADR as Rob Morrow wants to save Cindy (Stone) from Death Row. She killed 2 people and doesn’t say sorry but does she deserve death? This was not terrible. Rob Morrow uncovers inaccuracies and omissions in Cindy’s case. But can he save her? This was not much more than fine. There are identifiable villains, empty promises and the glacial eyed Stone has unmanageable demons. Rob Morrow (and that hair) is endeavouring to save her. Her brother (Ulrich) broods and this was okay

Best Lines:
“Yard recall and lockdown.”

“Stay out of it bitch.”

“They got a vcr!”
“I’ll get it.”

“The rescuer syndrome.”

“They served her Death Warrant last night.”

“I’m not begging for mercy I’m not gonna get.”

“Ya thieving whore.”

”Is there anybody out there with anything good to say about her?”
“Nobody I’d let baby-sit my child.”

“Have you got mental problems?”

Short Circuit (1986)
Ally Sheedy and her 80s perm has adventures with a robot. Terrible on every level.
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