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Victoria 1x05 + Madam Secretary 1x11 + Shades Of Blue 1x10 Reviewed

Victoria 1x05
Victoria and Albert (Tom Hughes of 'The Game' and 'Trinity'!) marry as she gets in a tizzy about men having mistresses. Melbourne holds a big phallic sword and Peter Bowles has aged badly as Wellington. Yes that Wellington. This was so silly. The CGI is so bad it makes buildings look like cut-outs from a Bunty comic from 1986.

Best Lines:
“A younger son from nowhere and you are a queen.”

“What is wrong with being German?”

“Shrubs are my speciality.”

“Everything I have is yours.”

“It’s a cake!”

“German visitors.”

“Public opinion is not known for its logic.”

“This is a house of ill-repute.”

“Did not spend that money with discretion.”

“Even walks like a papist.”

Game On
Elizabeth has an irrepressible ability to pick fights. Laws are broken and she’s a contamination on people’s lives. Elizabeth thinks the White House has a shaky moral compass. This was pungent and truly barmy and was not taut, smart, dark, dank, intense or febrile. Elizabeth is all ineptitude. Her slutty daughters are starkly negative and unpleasant.

The performances are so mechanical and this was not well-observed. This lacks any particular complexity or gravitas. This was just drivelling nonsense. Elizabeth is not invested with dignity as she looks into the camouflaged ambitions of her predecessor. This had no plausibility or menace. Elizabeth is smug and all mischief and malice.

Elizabeth is all mounting antagonism and touches of arrogance. This was superficial, careless and everyone is a 2D cardboard cut-out. This was misbegotten. Elizabeth prowls un-atmospherically lit corridors. Her staff are all inarticulate and completely incapable of doing anything. This was chronically flawed and fails to make sense on the most essential level. This was a befuddlingly bungled mess that is uninterested in entertaining any and all prospective viewers.

Best Lines:
“Dirty art films.”

“Had a little fun with other cadets when he was back in the barracks.”

“Everything but what you’re doing right now.”

“It won’t just be missiles and it won’t just be Tehran.”

What Devil Do
I don’t think Wozniak is going to leave his wife for Donnie. Harlee’s colleagues are awful people. Stahl annoys. What exactly did Wozniak and co do to draw FBI attention? Miguel’s out of jail and stalking Christina, who is even more entitled and bratty and whiny. Wozniak interrogates a crazy homeless guy. Molly is smug over her direct connivance. Stephen Lang of ‘Don’t Breathe’ shows up as Donnie’s boss/relative.

Harlee has indignant outrage and outright hostility that Miguel is out of jail. This ep had no intensity, intrigue or threat. Nobody has an unyielding sense of duty. Stephen Lang’s character plans a harmful sequence of events and reveals something. Wozniak has various tactful ways of gently conveying his terrible rages. There was no rhapsodising over this lyrical disappointment. There were no momentous events here.

There was no breathless sweep or supreme flair. Nothing deeply emotional happened and there was no sheer terror. Donnie is dubious. This was not gratifying. Christina is just plain stupid. Donnie and his edgy studied coolness has a secret. There is no restrained tone. Stahl makes out with Harlee. Miguel out-competes Harlee on the lying front.

Stahl and his stillness annoys. Christina is disproportionately dumb. Stahl is not believably tender. Christina is daunting in her dumbness and she’s not a risk assessor. Harlee wants specific assurances about what is obtainable. One gets the hint that there is a stark contrast about what Donnie is and what Wozniak thinks Donnie is.

Best Lines:
“Plays normal.”

“You’re eating my end of it.”

“Where you been?”
“Fresh air.”
“In Brooklyn?”
“I didn’t say I found any.”

“Whatever he’s been told to say.”

“Donnie’s new daddy.”

“Death by mop.”

Matt Wozniak and his closeted gay lover from IAD plan an armoured car heist?”

“Pervert club on the corner.”

“Whacking stick.”

“I’m getting the clap just standing here.”
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