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Reclamation by Sarah Zettel
This 1996 sci-fi sees people with weird names running around, an AI, an improbable planet, fearfulness, aliens, artefacts, genetic engineering, lost homeworlds and an utterly incoherent plot. There is promised terrible vengeance, data boxes and no logic.

Best Lines:
“A place that is so old and decrepit it doesn’t even have a proper atmosphere on three-quarters of its surface?”

“This arrangement is so manifestly unlikely for the production or support of human life that we didn’t even bother to look at it. It was an accident that we found your people at all.”

“Your place is elsewhere than my home.”


“Search for a thousand years to find you again.”

Deathbringer by Bryan Smith
This 2006 ‘horror’ is an unreadable mess of zombies, hell ghosts, a psycho teen, murder and no fair and reasonable behaviour. This was utterly inept and exuberantly terrible. This had no bile-inducing fear or unfathomable despair. This was not scary or amusing.

V For Vendetta: From Script To Film
This movie companion gives us the annotated script, concept art, storyboards, photos, behind the scenes info, commentary, graphics and poster art. This is fantastic and full of info on set design, fight choreography, stunts and costume design. This is essential.

The Lost Girls Of Rome by Donato Carrisi
This Italian thriller translated into English is a good read even if the twist is easily guessable. This is a tale about evil, goodness, spirituality, killers and the evolution of sin in a land of masks.

Evil ferments, there is ranting, unsettling acts and fetishisation of self pity but no real poignancy. People have a frustrating comically inept inability to grasp the obvious. There are reclusive loons with baser instincts. People bring about their own destruction. There is a bad influence, unawareness and a palpable sense of real melancholy and grandstanding.

Best Lines:
“The Christians stopped being persecuted and abandoned the catacombs. The pagans on the other hand, took refuge there.”

“Chosen the most inhospitable place on earth to hide. A place where nobody would ever think of looking for him.”


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