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Movie Reviews: Edge Of Darkness + 3 others

Edge Of Darkness (2010)
A man (Mel Gibson) and his daughter meet up. There are wandering accents, vomiting, yelling and then the daughter is blasted to death with a shotgun. There is mumbling and bad dialogue. There is feral anger in this aggressively bland film that is entirely without menace. Mel Gibson is all starey but he is not scary or strident. This was not pretty grim and Gibson seems to be a vortex of damage.

This does not cling to the basic tenements of story structure or good acting. This is a relentless onslaught of Gibson gurning and or grinning psychotically, operatic emotions, a sullen atmosphere and attempted terse fatalistic dialogue. This was not well-rendered. Gibson attempts gaunt faced intensity but is just infuriatingly intransigent and belligerent and is an insufferable miserable git. This achingly dismal film disappointed and failed.

People do piteous lamenting and this was made with staggering disregard for logic and grows infinitely worse with each scene. This was not even functional. Gibson sits around in a toxic pall with dreary relish. The script is vague and uninformative. There is a deterioration of general ethics, failed gravely earnestness and an apparent jealous nefarious scheme. This has no incident or gravitas just dark agendas, you can tell that when Danny Huston pops up.

Best Lines:
“I shoulda told you something.”

“Get him a ginger ale!”

“You can’t stay here.”
“It’s where I live.”

“Stop pissing in the bushes.”

“Be nice.”

“We lease it.”
“For money?”

JFK (1991)
No clarity and this was pretty terrible.

Best Line:
“Back and to the left.”

Drop Zone (1994)

A Taste Of Evil (1971)
This TV movie is all hysteria and bizarre plotting.
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