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Book Review: Nevernight

Nevernight by Jay Kristoff
The start of yet another fantasy series. In a world like ancient Rome crossed with Venice, Mia Corvere sees her world fall apart. She has to become an underground outlaw at only 10. She learns bravado and showmanship and how to be an assassin as she plots revenge. This was dark, grim and value free. I developed a low opinion of this as the author pontificates on and on about Mia’s growing resentment and inability to care. This was indistinguishable from other bog-standard fantasy as the temperamentally unfit Mia creates furores and takes umbrage.

There is bleak austere world building, cold calculation and profound significant hints for books 2&3. It all induces a weary shrug at the latest cruelly demeaning thing to befall Mia. The only thing of note about this book was the cynically amusing footnotes. This disappointed. It had mournful notes but covered no emotional territory as Mia is focused, pragmatic and resolute as she plans to face manifest evil. Smug assassins are rather fond of themselves and nobody is good, brave, decent, pensive or regretful.

Everyone is insufferably miserable, into circuitous utterances, self-abasesment, self-contempt, psychological devastation and venomous loathing. I didn’t care about this inadequate book or Mia’s showy revenge.

Best Lines:
“I’ve no doubt you are.”

“Those who try and fail, die. No mercy. No exception.”

“Begin cutting off pieces off of his sister until his behaviour improves.”
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