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Shades Of Blue 1x09 Reviewed

Live Wire Act
Donnie talks to a drunken Wozniak. Stahl wishes others ill. There are meaningful stares and a pathway to sin. Wozniak has a secret sorrow. There is remonstrance and Harlee bewails. Stahl is nuts. Wozniak assaults Donnie not once but twice and once in public. Oddly nothing is done about this. Wozniak is fantastically violent. There is chicanery. Harlee and Stahl learn about Donnie and about him and Wozniak’s hook-up. WTF is going on? Who is Donnie’s boss? It seems fairly obvious that Donnie likes Wozniak getting rough with him. Miguel gets out. This was okay and Wozniak is licentious.

Best Lines:
“I’ll call that an escalation.”

“Harlee develops strong attachments to men who protect her.”

“Start conversing.”

“Not a block in the city you’ll be safe in.”
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