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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Westworld’ promo

‘Salem’ season 1 trailer
Michael and Percy from ‘Nikita’ are reunited in this tale set in 1600ish. There are witches, blood, a broom, a witch hunt and this looks okay.

Best Lines:
Witch panic.”

“Sins of self pollution.”

“You breathe only because I wish it.”

‘The Magnificent Seven’ TV spot

‘The Light Between Oceans’ promo

Orange & Bergamot Ganache dark chocolate - yum.
Mediterranean herbs Philadelphia - okay.
Gluten free Gourmont soda bread multiseed toast - yum.
Cherry Laffy Taffy - yum.
Reeses Dark - lovely.
Apple Fanta - no.
Mega M&Ms - nah.

I read spoilers for season 2 of ‘Helix’. Leaving aside the blasphemous DVD covert art. Season 2 ignores character development, drops plotlines and there is a character cull and bizarro world plotting. I think I’ll skip it.

Recall ‘Monarch Of The Glen’?

The ‘Cainsville’ books have gone to hell.

I won’t read ‘The Thousandth Floor’ or ‘I See You’.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Quotes:
“Yes sir?”
“Go ahead to your room boy.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Ostracises anything unfamiliar.”

“Amplify and defend every aspect of it without analysis or criticism because it is imperilled.”

“By staring out to sea, which is what people did in the 18th century in lieu of television, or by whipping their shirts off and digging for tin which is what they did in lieu of Pokemon Go.”

“Messianic self importance.”

“Cultivate our capacity to be offended.”

“How to behave themselves in a decent home.”

“Belatedly mattered.”

“Biting language.”

“Nothing went unnoticed.”



“Blistering majesty.”

“Huston is a more capable actor than Charlton Heston; then again, so are most fax machines.”

‘Teen Mom 2’ Quotes:
“Using illegal drugs on a consistent basis.”

“Voluntarily modify custody.”

“You don’t care about what this looks like.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quotes:
“Hate hugs.”

“Wash a hippie.”

“Childless weirdoes.”

“Prepare to be frustrated.”

“Repels my eye.”

“The mattress the dog sleeps on in the cellar?”
“No. I gave that to the homeless shelter.”

“It’s like drinking ee cummings.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“She tricked you out of custody.”

“A SWAT team to protect him from his own parents.”

“Nothing has changed.”

“What your crap has done to him.”

“Clearly do not care.”

“It was that nasty.”

“Step-wise fashion.”

On ‘Neighbours’: Madison and Ben plot about Xanthe. Piper plots doom for Elly. Piper is still whining and doesn’t learn. Drab hangs out with Ned as he plans to marry Lauren. Piper is disputatious. Delicious use is not made of Drab’s dereliction. This was not innovative. Piper is not deliciously horrid. Gary is useless. Drab is triumphant in his audacious awfulness. Terese waddles with concentrated purpose. She’s seriously unsettling and has forgotten Josh. Then again so has Drab.

Some dirty woman hassles Ned who can’t properly connect. This causes utter cultural exhaustion by being half formed and rambling. This was not an unqualified success. Terese acts like a cocaine fuelled paranoid and is abhorrent and ill-advised. Susan creates drama. This was excruciatingly cheesy and there is no intimate sadness due to the indifferent material.

Wooden Madison inserts herself into Ben and Xathe’s relationship. Shelia calls Madison a tramp. Susan challenges Elly. I’m sick of Susan and her ill-conceived notions. Piper is putrid. Ben yells at Xanthe and is disgusting.

Best Lines:
“Perfect people do not cut each other’s grass.”

“Ball of lice.”

“She set me up to look like a psycho.”

“Can’t wait for another c minus.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Sienna Bradley is arrested. Sienna and Leela chat. Why is Mac with Dirk in the opening credits? Why is Cameron in the rain? Why is James so briefly in the opening credits? James lurks. Darren lies. The cops yell. Adam is done with Maxine. Nico blames Sienna. Poor Sienna has a breakdown. DS Armstrong is smug, go back to ‘Byker Grove’. Sienna’s locked up. Ryan sneers. Sienna hallucinates Patrick and she’s gone crazy. Screw Darren and Nancy.

Neeta agrees to marry Mac. Marnie cries. Neeta wonders if Mac is violent. James broods. Myra calls James a scummy little fish. What is it with Mac and women fighting over him? James looks vulnerable. Finally an engaging narrative. Mac is never adverse to self-congratulation. Mac shrieks. Jade whines. Marine smashes up the pub. Why do people in Chester keep getting married in pubs?

John-Paul can see now. How does James have so much money? Myra is coated in fake tan. John-Paul finds James somehow just as Mac beats him up. Why? Mac hates James and beats him where it won’t show and from James’ reaction, this wasn’t the first time. James begging his father to stop beating him was so sad. The actor was in ‘Is Harry On The Boat?’ in 2002.

Best Lines:
“Made you give birth in the basement.”

“Marry your bimbo!”

“You loved that man?”

“What good people do.”

“You’re pathetic.”

“Stop. Please.”
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