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Book Reviews: Sacrifice + One

Sacrifice by S.J. Bolton

Tora moved to the remote Shetland Islands with her husband, she's adjusting to her new home fairly well. And then while digging in her field she unearths a body. It is a young woman who was ritually murdered. Tora becomes obsessed with finding out who killed her and why. But the more questions she asks, the more it becomes apparent that there are many, many people who don't want those questions answered. Tora soon discovers that the murder is but one death caused by things"dwelling among humans, passing for human".

This starts out so well, this is at first a creepy, eerie and compelling read and then it ends in such a lame, mundane fashion. The stupid ending to this book seriously annoyed me as it started out so well.

One by Conrad Williams

Richard Jane is a deep sea diver who emerges from his work shift on an oil rig to find that the world has ended. Something has burned the Earth killing seemingly all people, plants, animals and fish. Through sheer force of will he escapes the damaged oil rig and makes it to the UK to find it a burnt desolate wasteland. His only hope is that his young son has also survived and so he resolves to walk to London to find him. But London is hundreds of miles away and his mind and will are all but shattered by the horrors he encounters en route.

The apocalypse has come but even after all the horrors he has seen, he is still unprepared for what is rising from the ashes of a dead world. This is a good read, some may compare it unfavourably to 'The Road' but the two novels are nothing alike. This is disturbing, creepy stuff. What caused to the apocalypse is never really revealed although the characters do make a few suggestions before concentrating on the hopeless quest for survival. This book is bleak and creepy.
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