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End Of The End by Pal Kane, Cavan Scott and Simon Gurrier, part 2

Flaming Arrow
An eternally glum teenager gets supernatural guidance in this appalling continuation of the ‘Arrowhead’ storyline. Nobody cares about the teen who glowers at authority figures with simmering hostility. This was not a thrilling drama. This was a slow grind and had no effective dramatic structure. We are given a glimpse of a future that shows all the rebuilding after the Cull was for nothing. This was an abject failure and not a chilling foretaste of what is to come.

A Dream Of Sherwood
This bonus story tells of Robin Hood dreaming of the post-Cull world. This tale is not vivid prose and lacks dark bewitchment. This anthology was a terrible mistake.

Seize The Night: New Tales Of Vampire Terror edited by Christopher Golden, part 1
This anthology aims to make vampires scary again. This has no sex or sparkling just grimness.

Up In Old Vermont
A directionless woman gets a job caring for an elderly couple. It leads to unforeseen and irreversible consequences. This was okay with a disturbingly cold and effective ending. But why oh why did no-one caution the unaware?

Something Lost, Something Gained
By Seanan McGuire. A young girl has an accident and undergoes a change. Her unfabulously vile stepfather does dark often unpleasant things and provokes animosity. This story doesn’t go the way you hoped. And the ending has a devastating impact and no moments of sentiment. This was okay dark whimsy.

Best Lines:
“Beheld her miracle.”

“Home will no longer have you.”

“You will not be welcome anywhere.”

On The Dark Side Of Sunlight Basin
People go in the forest; some survive more effectively than others in the tricky terrain. This was okay.

The Neighbors
Sherrilyn Kenyon wrote this short and too lite and insubstantial tale of a nosy little boy.

Paper Cuts
A woman is menaced by vampiric books. Okay.

Miss Fondevant
By Charlaine Harris. A little girl suspects her dick trap teacher is a vampire. So with tired bitterness, she decides to do something about it. This was good and dark.

In A Cavern, In A Canyon
By Laird Barron. A woman wonders what is out in the dark. Waiting and hunting. This was very good.

Best Line:
“Normally, one might consider that loony behaviour.”

Whiskey and Light
An isolated community fear what lurks in the mound and then one day - it gets out. Okay.


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