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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Hooten & The Lady’ promo
Not doing it for me.

Best Line:
“Send you to the Chief’s hut for sex.”

‘Penelope’ (2006) promo

‘Anthropid’ TV spot

‘Blair Witch’ TV spot

‘Don’t Breathe’ TV spot

Ampamakia Madagascar Noir 64% choc - yum.

Recall ‘Space Sentinels’, ‘The New Adventures of Batman’, ‘BraveStarr’ or ‘Sports Billy’?

Recall the 1986 ‘Eat The Peach’?

Read an excerpt of a Jilly Cooper novel and it was so bad, I thought it was parody.

Tooth makeup is a thing?

I won’t review ‘The Last Ship’ 1x08.

I may give ‘The Shannara Chronicles’ a go.

‘Modern Family’ Quotes:
“We’re out of rye.”
“Then make some!”

“Grab some scissors and run them back to mamma.”

“Where are our friends?”
“Not here.”

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“People have no loyalty to you.”

“Sounding like the theme for a 1980s BBC war drama,”

“Have to explain, against all the mounting evidence that your character isn’t the total horror you see on screen.”

“Working through their issues.”

“The misunderstood menace.”

“A proper hateful bastard.”

“A lot of scowling in drawing rooms.”

“Tends to scheme by candlelight while the others rage against the Cornish shore.”

“Saw a bastard.”

“Nice Young Men everywhere in acting.”

“I think he meant to construct that sentence differently.”

“Gets into fights with strangers.”

“In the absence of any wholesome thoughts.”

“Freighted with smugggery.”

“A time uncannily like our own, yet utterly different.”

“Dug through layers of time.”

“Beards were thought to guard against infection, not wearing a hat was seen as a sign of mental illness.”

“Persuasive central theme.”

“Became the first European to enter the second pyramid at Giza.”

“A butcher sent round the bailiffs.”

“Been a significant spot for 900 years already.”

“A medieval bone skate, a Tudor bowling ball, a 19th-century chamber pot with a giant eye painted inside it.”

“What I see I will not tell.”

“The famous Londonderry tiara fell in the loo and had to be retrieved by forceps.”

“Stop that nonsense with me.”

“I am the kind of woman I would run from.”

“Unhindered by anything as rigorous as rules of sentence construction.”

“A scattering of stars we choose to regard as coherent.”

“Mournful thoughts.”

“Trudges miserably.”

“Promised retaliation.”

“Puritanical ideologies.”

“But remembered politically, if at all.”

“The chances of someone reacting is isolated.”

“This self-view is injured.”

‘Firefly’ Quotes:

“Circle each other and growl.”

“Wearies me.”

“The warrant doesn’t specify any particular need for you to be alive.”

“Get the reward which is substantial.”

“Eerie ass piece of work.”

“Man-ape-gone-wrong thing.”


‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“For reasons never officially explained.”

“Differ little in outlook.”

“Fell from favour.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Sticker book collection.”

“Broken hangers.”

“Shovelling that stuff out.”

“This is later.”

“You don’t recycle.”

“These expired 8 years ago.”

“Does his homework on a tray.”

“House could be killing my family.”
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