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Book Reviews: The Darkest Secret + Greely's Cove + End Of The End, part 1

The Darkest Secret by Alex Marwood
In 2004 Coco went missing during a holiday leading to a media frenzy. In 2016 Coco’s father dies under mysterious circumstances and the darkest of secrets are revealed. This is a damning assessment of a wealthy selfish man, his famously dramatic ex and the certain madness of love. Coco’s disaffected older half sister is desperately unhappy, Coco’s twin sister is disenchanted and the dead man’s equally selfish ‘friends’ are not well meaning.

This is a good, urgent and dark tale of ugly directionless people, vigorous avariciousness, a cunning narrative coup, people indifferent to the truth, wretchedness, distraught grief, unease and intrigue and a mystery that comes to the logical conclusion. This is a tale of manifestly illegal acts, dark implications, undue attention and an eerily simple reveal. The dead man gets cyclonic weeping he doesn’t deserve.

There are blatant lies to maintain the utmost respectability, commonplace sadness and a tragedy that could have been prevented. Some things are left unrevealed leading to more unease. Delicate distain is misplaced and so many people do not see what is right in front of them. One question: were there smartphones in 2004 and did youtube exist then?

Best Lines:
“They won’t see me cry. Not these people. Not ever.”

“Nothing before me matters.”

“Give them a mumsnet look.”

“The raging gorgon they call his mother.”

Greely’s Cove by John Gideon
This horrid sexist Stephen King knock-off was published in 1991 and centres on a small town full of loads and loads of characters. The ‘hero’ is a selfish git who abandoned his ex-wife and autistic son, the cop hates his wife and kids for existing and a morgue worker gets perverted. Women exist only to be wrong and be corrected.

This is a deeply unpleasant novel full of rampant sexism, proffered vices, demons, dark magic and a deadly fear of crack. This is a tale of gross stereotypes, jaw sagging sexism, men in awe of themselves and women who only function in response to men and or society. Greely’s Cove is best left unvisited.

Best Line:
“John Hagstad wore sunglasses on the top of his head like Don Johnson, even at night.”

End Of The End by Paul Kane, Cavan Scott and Simon Guerrier, part 1
This is another entry in the now 10 year old ‘The Afterblight Chronicles’. This anthology continues stories that began in ‘School’s Out’, ‘Arrowhead’ and ‘The Culled’ and ‘Kill Or Cure’.

Fall Out
Jane the former matron of St. Mark’s School and Jack, a man pretending to be the King of England have to deal with Britain’s untended nuclear power stations after a devastating accident. This continuation of ‘School’s Out’ does not showcase social integration and Jack is an enthusiastic participant in bad things. This was emo tit wank.

Children Of The Cull
The separated lovers of ‘The Culled’ and ‘Kill Or Cure’ are finally reunited. How did they both get to the UK? Who is behind the experiments? Why no mention of the cult? What are they breeding children for? Are the biologists related to the engineers from ‘Fall Out’? This was a yawner.

Best Line:
“When all lines of defence have failed, the base would be destroyed by explosives set into the foundations.”
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