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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Scream Queens’ season 2 promo
Not at the college, no Grace, a hospital, the Chanels are medical students now, Taylor Lautner and John Stamos loom. Maybe.

Best Lines:
“Grope at will.”

“Anyone can be an MD.”

‘The Retaliator’ aka ‘Programmed To Kill’ (1987) trailer
Sandahl Bergman stars as a captured criminal subjected to ‘Robocop’ like experiments. This has bad acting, a lot of blue, leather, bad sfx and staring. There is screeching, 80s hair and guns. This looks dreadful.

Best Lines:
“A creation gone mad.”

“Your greatest fear has come true.”

‘Eve Of Destruction’ (1991) trailer
A robot rampages wearing a red leather jacket. A guy waves a big gun. Another guy goes through a window. It’s as if Renee Soutendijk isn’t in this as the sentient walking nuclear bomb and its creator. Why didn’t it have an off-switch?

Best Line:
“Designed to be deployed in hostile countries.”

‘Hollyoaks’ promo
Nancy is a bitch.

‘Harley & The Davidsons’ promo

‘The Night Of’ promo

Made vanilla custard - good.

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Didn’t hold up well to the accusations.”

“I still was not suspicious.”

“False statement.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Giant ducks with human arms and guns take ownership of their house.”

“A boy engages in chemical experiments with household products which he tests on his terrible grandmother until she disappears. His mother accepts her absence as a good thing.”

“As a way to shock female guests.”

“Not sign empty cigarette packets and the backs of betting slips.”

“Sludge channels.”

“Emotional vexation.”

“Stylistic imprimatur.”

“Texturally thin.”

‘The Gloss’ Quote:
“Helped her construct a past, an identity, a sense of self worth.”

On ‘Neighbours’: Piper claims Elly has it in for her and is marking her down. Brad doesn’t listen. Does Elly have mental problems? Ned lurks. Lauren is useless. How is fat cow Terese running the hotel? Fat cow Terese shakes her wattle at Elly and smugs. Elly is unpleasant. Brad and Terese shrug off Piper. Terese doesn’t apologise to Paul. Everyone loves Madison which is a crowd delusion. Piper storms off.

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Maxine’s pregnant. Where is Mitzeee during all this? Who is the father of Maxine’s latest mistake? Maxine has no genial approach. Warren yells and fights. Is Adam the dad? Maxine has BAD taste in men. Maxine lies and is extremely reticent. She screeches and Patrick’s acts live on after him. Maxine wears ugly clothes and sounds hoarse. Patrick is non-accountable. Adam lectures Maxine on morality. There is no brutal joy here. Maxine hands herself in and cries without tears. Patrick was an ungrateful little bastard to all his wives and children.

Best Lines:
“Then what did you do?”

“He abused me for years, mentally and physically.”

“He threw curry at me.”

“They don’t believe me now.”

“Minnie needs protecting from you.”
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