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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Killjoys’ season 1 trailer
This is cheap looking and has fights. Am interested.

Best Lines:
“The warrant is all.”

“You are locked and served.”

“Bring it back to you in the condition requested.”

“Dead it is.”

‘Bloodline’ season 2 trailer
John murdered his brother and so now people brood. No to this malign influence.

Best Lines:
“More darkness.”

“You afraid of me?”

‘Hunted’ promo
All that for a £100,000 prize?

‘Stage School’ promo
No to this and its malevolent potential.

‘Barbarians Rising’ promo

Victoria’ 1x03 promo
Ugh and people could see no wrong in her.

‘The 9th Life Of Louis Drax’ promo

‘Ellen’ promo
A chav screeches.

‘National Treasure’ promo

Best Line:
“They think I’m Jimmy Saville.”

The Passion Of Darkly Noon’ (1995) promo

Sparkling lime and jasmine drink - yum.
Tomato salsa - sharp.
Roast potato and feta salad - nice.
Flying saucers - yum.
Salty caramel choc - yum.

I will review ‘The Man In The Iron Mask’, ‘The Lost Girls Of Rome’ and ‘You Will Know Me’.

Recall Britvic 55?

Recall ‘Road To Avonlea’?

En marche! - forward.

Male rhinos can grow up to be 362 stone?

Victoria’s Secret perfume is pretty rank.

David McCallum is pro-Trump.

What is play gel?

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“She just didn’t seem to care.”

“Go and stay gone.”

“Greatly angers me.”

“Did you speak those words?”

“There just never seems to be a witness.”

“Does not happen.”

“Focal in nature.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“It is a terrible world out there, full of chaos and lunatics.”

“Your eating habits are largely established by the age of three.”

“People are simply not willing to make that investment.”

“Most people eat the way they did as a child.”

“Their bodies, minds and actions controlled through the cultural, legal and religious apparatus.”

“Received no explanation, no information and were told to go home and forget about it.”

“Referred to by name at all times.”

“Very hard to live with.”

“A sadly predicable accompanying motif.”

“Grimly shook their heads and turned away in silence.”

“Did not want to try.”

“Lazy lumps who expect to be kept in exchange for sexual favours.”

“Defy their theory that people always act in their economic self interest.”

“That has a bad tone.”

“A wandering eye was forever perusing some mystery just over the viewer’s left shoulder.”

“Recreating the world as fiction.”

“Groaned with envy.”

“Her conviction in this single truth about banshees,”

“Their husbands transgressions.”

“Posh table manners.”

“Speak the language and smile.”

“Filial piety.”

“Karaoke bar hostesses,”

“Veteran autocrats.”

“Morals and Civilisational.”

“Liberal order.”

“Disordered attachment.”

“Soothe and regulate emotions.”

“We stand isolated.”

“Ordered around by foreigners with impunity.”

“Begin to inflict consequences.”

“Who for years have demonstrated that they are not our friends.”

“Destined to fail.”

“My chosen domicile.”

“I don’t expect to be nurtured.”

“Just fit for the trash.”

“We may very well not only be alone, but remain alone, in the universe.”

“Psychological importance.”

“Moral crusade.”

“Clamp down on ostentation.”

“Ideological orientation.”

“Crime of responsibility.”

“Of evidential value.”

“Learn to be unpopular.”

“Regulates peace to the absence of rioting.”

“Even the violence had passed off peacefully.

“He was like a challenging art installation about cultural insensitivity and regret.”

“Crafts custom knives.”

“Her drug of choice is butane gas.”

“Trying to find people that are your kind of people.”

‘Sky News’ Quotes:
“The ocean cannot be stopped.”

“Completely unliveable.”

“The human footprint on the earth.”

“People who come from the sewers.”

“Plagued by gangs of teenagers.”

‘The Darkest Secret’ Quotes:
“How can you go from love to irritated indifference in less than six years?”

“These are not good people.”

“She never seemed grateful for everything she had because of him.”

“The first of the wives who weren’t good enough.”

“He looks as though he plays in a tribute act that tours caravan sites.”

“I’m done with caring.”

“She stands among the adults, unchallenged.”

“I like it when I’m approved of.”

“Imposing order on every corner of her life.”

‘Monkey Life’ Quotes:
“There is no future for the remaining ones we leave behind.”

“Never one for backing down.”

“Other yobs.”

“A cruel shock.”

“Don’t be such a lout.”

On ‘Neighbours’: Ben’s girlfriend is the c word and yet he keeps on seeing her. Brennan annoys. Why is Ben still dating the skank? TPTB have an increasing reliance on asspull plots as Xanthe offers the perv some largely undeserved forgiveness as his mommy is arrested for beating him. No supportive mutual respect here. Elly calls Piper a skank. Paige whines and Brennan bugs the confessional.

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Diego yells. Maxine is perfectly vile. James is a dick. There is no cohesion or stability. Courtney annoys. Alfie bores. Cindy screeches. Diego has no dignity. Daz cabs is renamed Warren’s wheels. Where is Holly? Nancy has mad eyes. Joe has no pure moral strength. Chester is full of idiots and crazies. Mac’s full name is Mackenzie. Joanne is a crazy woman. Diego has secrets. Maxine causes trouble. Is Warren psychic or something? Nancy and Darren are in peril. Nico kisses Peri. Warren and Sienna menace Darren and Nancy. Maxine annoys. Patrick’s rotting corpse is found. Darren makes a massive misjudgement.

Sienna wears fire engine red lipstick and her underwear as a top. Darren and Nancy and Maxine plot. Warren gloats. Warren doesn’t blink. Has Sienna forgotten Ben? Patrick was identified pretty quickly. Darren, Nancy and Maxine yell. Who is watching their children? Darren and Nancy had a back-up plan. Maxine asks one of Grace’s brothers to take Minnie to America. Darren and Nancy think they’ve framed Sienna for murdering Patrick but did they really?

Best Lines:
“Free Mercedes!”

“Your skimpy pants!”

“We only locked them in a bunker and nearly killed Darren.”

“What’s she done now?”

“We had to bury him.”
“Not well enough clearly!”

“Do you not watch TV?!

“We’re not the mafia.”


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