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Gary annoys. This was not a significant, confident, believable story. Nobody shows any sign of holding meaningful opinions. Gary is incomprehensibly sanctimoniously annoying. Why am I supposed to care about any of this? They deserve all their misfortunes. Rachel babbles, she’s a twit who thinks frosted lipgloss is a fashion statement. There are egos and tantrums and my last effort of will to care is gone. Rosen does long rants. There is grunting and no frame of reference.

Valerie Cruz pops up to annoy like the wind. There is cryptic communication. This was devastatingly inept. Gary’s mother whines and makes interminable speeches. There is an obviously malefic character. Gary’s screeching made me hit the FF button. Nina should go find a supertax husband. There is censorious talk and this was frightful.

Best Lines:
“I think we get it.”

“You have a listening problem.”

“No one noticed.”

“This is a movement.”

Never Let Me Go
Lindsey Wagner of ‘The Bionic Woman’ and ‘Ricochet’ shows up for a thankless guest role. Rachel wears a bandage dress. This ep was loathsome. There is bad green screen and Rachel was in peril. This had bad acting and actually gets worse with each ep.

Best Lines:
“I smell fear.”

“I don’t love you. I want you to die.”

Bill and Gary’s Excellent Adventure
There is more bad acting. Bill rages. There is a kidnapping of a rich man’s (Peter Wingfield) daughter. Her bodyguard (Alaina Huffman) is obviously in on it. There is betrayal and a code name of Overwatch and this had no delicate brilliance. Wingfield is still nice to look at.

Best Lines:
“I don’t care what you think.”

“More money for my wife to spend.”

Catch and Release
Summer Glau guest stars. To think she has a bigger career than Sarah Michelle Gellar. Gary’s mother keeps him away from Rosen. Bill’s wife whines about a baby. Gary’s mother won’t deliver her son into peril. He has no contemplation. A maniac pixie dream girl (Glau) prances. Valerie Cruz is irrevocably annoying. MPDG baby talks. Rosen has no great passion or fury. This has no significance. Gary bores.

People speak delphically and others are deemed unworthy. MPDG is not an idealised version of maidenhood. There is quantitative attitude. The MPDG has a child. Who is the father? This was not classy. People are contentious. I’m sick of Gary and his mother and their whining. The show is disintegrating. Rosen is gregarious and this has no beauty or wonder.

Best Lines:
“Treating my co-workers appropriately.”

“I don’t have 812 dollars and 98 cents.”

A Short Time In Paradise
I hate this show more than ‘iZombie’, ‘11.22.63’ and ‘The Sentinel’. Gary talks too much. Rachel’s family don’t listen. Her dad (Daniel Kash) babbles. A cult leader (the vile Garret Dillahunt) babbles. Nina is all sextopia. Rosen bumbles. There is spaced out behaviour and bad acting.

Best Line:
“How exactly did he do that?”

Blind Spot
Nina and Cameron get it on. A Red Flag dude (Brent Spiner of ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’, ‘Independence Day’ and ‘Threshold’) is a defining cliché. An invisible woman (Rebecca Mader) lurks. Vagueness is coming. Rachel smacks invisible woman with a laptop. Confidence has been lost. There is yap about ideological grounds and virulent attacks. There are social beliefs and pernicious acts. This was over-conceptualised.

Best Lines:
“Is that a threat?”

“More evolved children.”

“Unsanctioned variable.”

The Unusual Suspects
Bad things happen as petty revenge. Rosen hates confrontation. He has disquiet, trips and does comedy puking. Gary yaps. This was dull.

Best Lines:
“Sleeping bullets.”

“Will you ever shut up?”

Original Sin
There are outdated phones. Rosen has an annoying daughter. Valerie Cruz bores. There is a necklace. An old foe returns. This was decidedly imperfect and not very beneficial. An immortal Alpha shows up. There is a stupid fight scene and Rosen wears his budgie smugglers again. The big bad shows up and this was not invigorating. Rosen goes public and there is a cliffhanger.

Best Lines:
“Emphatic contagion.”

“A gem drive.”

“Secrecy serves us all.”

“I doubt you even sleep.”

Catherine is locked up. Mary wants her dead, the hypocrite. Francis says Mary should marry Charles. Elizabeth should brush her hair. Mary has a well-earned reputation for stupidity. Dudley whines. Elizabeth feels the weight of expectations. Amy Dudley is a slag into sheer mad sex. Lola bathes, were there metal bathtubs then? Lola finds a rat in her bath and whines plaintively.

Francis has provided for John, his bastard son who never existed. Where are Francis’ other siblings? Like Margot, who would be the last Valois left standing? Mary would marry badly two more times. Lola is determined to be disappointed. Charles broods and where are Catherine’s powerful family? Mary will scheme and plot until the day she dies and she disregards anything that doesn’t fit with her vision.

Narcisse woos Lola. Claude shows up, whining. Mary has no sense of loyalty and will be condemned to an unfulfilled life. She is distant and uncaring. Catherine is importuned. Elizabeth ruins some bint. Francis is oppositional. Elizabeth and Dudley boff. This has goofy charm. The increasingly fractious Mary has positively sinister confidence in herself. Elizabeth has obsession and devotion for her object of lust.

There is bad acting. The hard truth is that Charles is worryingly frank. Bash’s side-plot bores. Bash did not exist. The Valois interactions bore. Dudley whines more. Mary talks about Francis murdering his father in front of people. Elizabeth doesn’t stop at pauperising the bint. Mary acts unkindly and a terrible cataclysm is coming for her. Mary is arrogant and highly vulnerable but has no repentance for her crapulence. Narcisse plots and this was okay.

Best Lines:
“I’m not pregnant. Again.”

“I will marry your brother. Even though it breaks my heart.”

“There are after all acts my wife refuses to submit to.”

“What has Scotland ever done for France?”

“Mother’s opinion doesn’t matter.”

“The harpy herself?”

“Losing my head like my mother.”

“I am their Queen. Their whispers are treason.”

“You must be viable for a strategic marriage.”

“The proper terms of finance.”

“Equally unsavoury peers.”

“To eliminate a succession threat, a family tree must be pulled out from the roots.”

“Your working men’s wrath.”

There Is A Crack In Everything
There is overacting. For what true motive is toxic Barbie acting? People are prone to despair. Lex has no central insight. Katie is no fit person for Jake to converse with. Lex is utterly overwhelmed. Toxic Barbie has a husband. Jana whines. Lex has no rightful forum. There could be a cure. The cordon is in recessional circumstances and people seek forgiveness from God. Jana has a truly stupid plan.

There are many undetermined factors. Lex is impervious to sense. Toxic Barbie seeks purse candy. There is rabble-rousing and a riot and protestations. Katie is essentially infantilised. Jake is cute. Katie wants a relationship that involves money. Wheelchair woman is abominable. Leo Greene is useless. Nobody has a thought process. The direst of emergencies is full of STUPID PEOPLE.

This was okay. Dr Cannerts has secrets. Lex hurts his dignity. Dr Cannerts is a bad doctor as he seemingly can’t tell if someone is an asymptomatic carrier. People have a lack of curiosity. TPTB try to create a false sense of intimacy as Jake and Katie hump through a shower curtain in a ridiculous scene. Nobody cares about Katie or Jana. There is cravenness and uncertainties and grim uncertainty and pain and difficulty. Jana’s bimbo friend annoys. A Typhoid Mary wanders the streets and what was the real Patient Zero up to? There is negative behaviour which is not defused. There is a negative response and projectile vomiting.

Best Lines:
“Lie still and quiet.”

“I’m fine mother hen, stop clucking.”


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