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Book Reviews: Dark Places + Sharp Objects

Dark Places by Gillian Flynn
This is a murder mystery that is shabby, exploitative and just plain bad. It is a tale of poor choices and a moral inferno.

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn
A woman returns to her hometown to cover a series of murders. This means she has to re-engage with her ecstatically twee family who turn out to be all syrupy arsenic. This is a screed of bile. This is all unpleasantness and epic rows. A mother is monstrous and ruthless and has obvious relish at being awful. A 13 year old girl is dodgy and psychopathically violent and always angry. The small town has medieval values and I just did not care.

It is obvious what the ‘twist’ is. The obvious suspects are sociopathic husks. This was a dingy tale of sad, unhappy and miserable twats with destructive mental patterns. The heroine has baffling behaviour and it is perplexing how DUMB and of insufficient depth she is. She has no poignant awareness. This is oddly redundant and has no realistic texture. This is disconcertingly crude and dismal. The heroine is a high strung moron in a woeful state who is consciously failing.

People exist in a haze of self-absorption in their grim reality and infantile delusions. This was unartful stupidity, intense insincerity and emotionally neglectful. This was utter stupidity, bitterness and slog, right to the wholly unsatisfying wretched end. This pathetic portrayal and miserable denouement was risible kitsch and mannered self-indulgence and non-evocative and cheaply lurid and preposterous. This was utterly stupid and lacked suffocating tension or rational explanations. This injust tale of realigned perceptions and the very definition of dominance sucked.

Best Lines:
“They were with the local drug dealer, who was sure to swing some clout.”

“A deliberately disappointed manner.”

“Pointedly taunted.”

“Bad things happen.”
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