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Victoria (2016) 1x01 + Shades Of Blue 1x07 Reviewed

Doll 123
Jenna Coleman of ‘Doctor Who’ takes the lead role in this historical drama series. She has massive hair extensions as Princess Alexandrina of Britain better known to history as Queen Victoria. She ascends to the throne at 18. Eva Myles of ‘Torchwood’ plays one of her surly thieving servants. This has dull opening credits, iffy CGI and Victorian Britain looks very clean and this has no oblique reticent appeal. Victoria’s mad mother and her ‘advisor’ Sir John lurk. There is an Elizabeth II joke and Victoria is endlessly rude to her mother’s Lady In Waiting Flora Hastings. Victoria is bullied by Sir John, There is toned up sadness and the poisonous influence of parasites.

Victoria will not be hounded or constrained or controlled. She is not a pleasant source of company. There are dark conspiracies that surround the untouchably ladylike Victoria. Sir John sneers. Lord Melbourne is the disreputable PM. Her carefully elevated status and relentless pride annoy. There is unintentional comedy that breeds a seed of discontent. Victoria has no self-awareness. Peter Firth is her bad uncle and his monstrous wife looms. Victoria doesn’t listen or calmly respond. Luck of birth paid a significant part in her becoming queen. She’s not watchful or cautious.

Surly servants steal. There are 7 more episodes to go. Melbourne (Rufus Sewell) lurks. There is no self-transformation for Victoria. There are dirty secrets, no potent work and Victoria rejects Flora’s attempts at friendship. This is not a mythic vision. Nor was it gloriously soapy. This was not strange or wondrous. It is a wince-inducing, non-sturdy portrait that was not polished and was full of mawkishness.

Eva Myles is tubby and mush-mouthed. Lady Flora is the subject of gossip and spite. This was not thoroughly engaging. Lady Flora is traduced and at the coronation, the crown is too big. Victoria is impervious to sense and in reality she NEVER expressed any remorse for what she did and had done to Flora. As for Flora, she is the saintly invalid. WTF are pickers? Will the Baroness piss off? Flora dies and this was silly and quality is essentially non-existent.

Best Lines:
“Breathed his last.”

“A man of the basest character.”

“You are the mother of the Queen of England.”

“That awful old man is dead.”

“Answerable to a governess.”
“And a German one at that.”

“Runs my mother.”

“My first loyalty is to the British throne.”

“You have our permission to withdraw.”

“So many windows.”

“She ain’t no midget.”

“You did not accept my offer.”

“My family have been courtiers for generations.”

“Is she respectable?”

“You did not mind she ran away with Lord Byron?”

“If you enjoy the smell of melting mutton fat.”

“A Grand Ducal highness?”

“I will not listen to you.”

“Lost all sense of decorum.”

“Covered in scandal.”

“I am beyond peaches.”

“Only god can forgive you.”

“You drove her to her grave.”

“Always looked at him first.”

“How hard it is to bear.”

Undiscovered Country
The indefinably awful Wozniak is incompatible with the welfare of society. Harlee has considerable concern. Sap has survived Wozniak’s murder attempt, for now. Stahl looks slightly in-convenienced. Wozniak’s corrosive potential grows. Harlee continues on her tortuous course. People brawl. Wozniak is a homicidal psycho. This was not a compelling storyline. There is no guilt or remorse. Poor Sap is a pawn. The ho is menaced. They’re all utter utter bastards who behave in deeply uncomfortable ways.

Harlee has high distress. This was a slushy piece about the dilettantish second rater Sap. The latest crisis bores. Sap has felt the full affect of Wozniak’s rage, fierceness and dislike. Donnie sneers and looks kind of turned on by knowing his boyfriend threw a colleague off a 4th storey building. Sap’s mother and her rough fishwife’s hairdo annoys. Miguel annoys. This was effortfully contrived and Sap’s definitely dead now.

Best Lines:
“Made the wrong choice.”

“The man gets nervous around pigeons.”

“Rely on Wozniak’s mercy.”

“So I don’t have to kill you twice.”

“Wields and sustains power through two primal motivators: fear and gratitude.”
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