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Movie Reviews: The Wolf Of Wall Street + Noah + 4 others

The Wolf Of Wall Street (2013)
This was a too long, sexist, true story tale of a grotesque immoral banker. His father is deranged and he ditches his wife for a trophy bimbo. Joanna Lumley pops up, there is comedic socipathy, drugs and the leading man has an extrovert determination to be a jerk. He sees everything as a status marker, there is no managed decline, no distinction or self care just more drug abuse. There is worldly show, giddiness and this was an insignificant tale of male idiots. This was a tale of weird unnatural processes, back--biting, mad flourishes, violent malaise and it was all told in a non-canny fashion.

Best Lines:
“Get a penicillin shot and pray your dick doesn’t fall off.”

“Who takes from the rich and gives to himself.”

“The weekend cost me 2 million bucks including the cost of refurbishing the entire 28th floor.”

“Very own Gestapo.”

“These things gossip.”

“What are you a f##king owl?”

“Saving these for a special occasion like a birthday or being clap free.”

“The drool phase.”


Noah (2014)
People with hair extensions wander around a world that looks like Pangaea. Russell Crowe overacts as Noah. He learns God is to send a deluge to wipe out those who have thoughtlessly traversed his creative desires. Cain’s descendants are less appealing. This looks nasty nasty. Rock creatures who are fallen angels pop up. Everyone is heinous and hateable.

The signs are ominous as Noah has a vision of a flood and the Ark he must build. This has some striking imagery: the forest, the doves, the building of the Ark, the birds and animals boarding the Ark, the coming of the Flood and the dove with the olive branch. This was okay if overacted and was Emma Watson necessary?

Best Lines:
“We saw their fall and we pitied them.”

“It separates the foul from the pure.”

“From the first garden.”

“We build an ark.”

“It begins.”

“Snakes are coming too?”

“There isn’t anything for you here.”

“Great creatures of the deep that are no more. Multitudes of fish, some of which may still swim beneath these seas.”

“Father and mother of us all.”

“The temptation of darkness.”

“Man against creation.”

Keeping Rosy (2014)
A dried up career woman kills someone. There is a stolen baby and a horny baboon like blackmailer. The baby is left propped up on some cushions in a shower. That’s one way to get guaranteed companionship. This is all profound despair. There is no due justice and I have many gripes with this dullness.

Boiler Room (2000)
Moral bankruptcy and Vin Diesel. Okay.

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (1994)

Your Cheatin’ Heart (1964)
A biopic of Hank Williams that was stilted and robotic.
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