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Book Review: Blood Price

Blood Price by Tanya Huff
This novel (originally published in 1991 and reprinted in 2004) is the first in ‘The Vicki Nelson Mysteries’. Vicki leaves a legacy of pain behind. She has an eye disease that cost her her police job and now she is a PI and studying the importance of being idle. She gets mad and combative real easy. She has no humility and meets the non-courtly of heart vampire Henry Fitzroy. He has no mischievous glamour. An evil nerd is summoning demons. This is dated and has no intrigue or influence.

Vicki behaves shamefully and in unfair ways and is thoroughly despicable. Henry is full of lascivious innuendo and can do no wrong in his eyes. Vicki’s side-ass Celluci ends up in the turmoil and Vicki has no respect for him. This has no urban quality or cultural consequences. Potentially corrupting influence Henry prances around and this was incomparably dull. 99% of Vicki’s problems are self-inflicted.

Best Line:
“I would hold near power; power brought out of dark places by unspeakable means, gained by deeds even you would quail to hear.”
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