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Reaper Season 2 Ep 3 Review

The Sweet Science

Ben slobbers all over Nina and lies to his buds. Andi is promoted and gets into a war with Sock over workplace fraud. The Devil sets Sam yet another near impossible task in-between running AA meetings to encourage relapses. If you overlook the infuriating Ben/Nina sub-plot and the Sock/Andi rubbish, there is a fairly decent theme running through this ep. When Sam sees the Devil's latest nefariousness he just mutters: "You are a terrible person" in a quasi-amused way. One could almost get the feeling that Sam enjoys hanging around satanic daddy as he's exciting and fun. Why is this show refusing to deal seriously with Sam's darkside? Instead we get relationship woes that makes 'Dawson's Creek' look like high art. 99% of this ep was ridiculous and deserves to spend eternity in the closet of abysmal agony.
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