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The Tudors Season 3 Ep 7 Review

Cromwell's desperate. Suffolk plots against Cromwell, why are we supposed to sympathise with Suffolk? All he does is bonk, look smug and plot against everyone. He's a turd. Mary rants and Henry shrieks like a toddler. Wife Number 4 Anne of Cleeves is scared as well she should be. This was okay with Cromwell and Anne of Cleeves the stand-outs. Who knew that Joss Stone of all people had it in her?

Best Lines:
"He burns one Lutheran and then marries another? Well if God so wills it, she might drown at sea."

"I like her not!"

"You are the Queen of England, you have nothing private anymore."

"If I can not please the King, will he kill me?"

Fashion Tips:
Anne's costumes
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