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Shades Of Blue 1x06 + Helix 1x08-1x13 Reviewed

Fall Of Man
Harlee meets her old boyfriend in jail. Wozniak thinks he has found the rat and has laser focused intensity. Sap lies, badly. Tess confronts her husband. Harlee’s co-workers are awful people and her daughter is a brat. Harlee tells her daughter that Miguel is not her father. Is that true? Sap attacks Stahl and does a runner. One cop’s lies are exposed as he is menaced by a child. This was ridiculous. Tess and her husband reconcile. Wozniak tries to murder someone and fails.

Best Lines:
“A lot of runaways meet a bad end.”

“He made a handoff.”

“I watched him betray us. He was smiling.”

“Rumour has it wrong.”

“What did I do wrong this time?”

“If you leave, you’re going to get arrested for having a real crack rock which I’m going to come back with.”

It is Day 8 and Alan is blinded by his own bravado. The scientists eat in the lab. This show started with one plot and is ending somewhere else. They’re still stuck in the miserable confines of the base. The food supply is compromised. Dr evil has been contained and Daniel still has ideological fervour. This is not an enthralling meditation and it is not startlingly authentic. Daniel takes everything as a personal affront. Sutton has a cast iron belief in her own superiority and talks with condescension. Inuit woman is Anana and she strolls around the base and is played by Luciana Carro who was Kat on ‘Battlestar Galactica’.

Does Balleseros ever say anything that is true? Dr evil sneers. Balleseros was stolen as a child? Why are Ilaria stealing children? Why are there heads stored out in the snow? What was with the monkeys? Sutton will not tolerate any dissent and has a casually proprietarial attitude to Walker. She is also sexually conniving and manipulative. This was excruciatingly dull. I’m tired of Daniel’s campaign of vilification of Balleseros.

Alan and Sarah try to escape the company of the worst among them. Anana annoys. People stomp around over-fussy sets. Balleseros has no noble elegance. Walker is boxed up. Dr evil and Sutton spew ill-defined ideas. Walker is Dr evil’s daughter and so he decapitates Sutton. How are the wind turbines and such a large base existing in the Arctic?

Best Lines:
“After you’ve taken everything out in biohazard containers and destroyed it.”

“We could have changed the world.”
“Yes. But who would want to live in that world?”

Level X
Day 9. Where did the vectors go? The virus vault is on a never-before-mentioned sub-level. Dr evil aka Hatake babbles about his virus in a harrowed future. Balleseros’ uniform must be rather stinky by now. Vectors like heat? Hatake could have mentioned that earlier. The vectors practise radical inclusion with Peter. Alan has a plan, Sarah babbles on the edge of despair and Balleseros has contrition. The creepy virus vault is full of every plague known to humanity. How?

Daniel tries to be tough-sounding. Anana is resentfully surprised. Balleseros show-steals with his inner bastard. Anana is obstinate and impatient but not forthright or formidable. Ilaria have a lack of principle. This was not a conspicuous achievement. Tulok aka Daniel’s twin stomps around. How did the CDC clear a dying Sarah for field-work? Daniel and Balleseros have both been conditioned to believe and follow their masters. But why? Jaye the woman Walker hallucinated was her mother. This was good. Hatake reveals he kept Walker and her mother in yet another secret sub-level like Fritzel.

Best Lines:
“You have your father’s eyes.”

“You punched me for it once.”

“What’s coming next is far worse than Sutton.”

“This is the Black Death.”
“Plague of Justinian. Cocoliztli. Sweating Sickness.”

Walker and Alan head out to a deep-space listening station after a doctor who stole the core sample. Walker and Alan talk about their feelings. They find a creepy man and a revelation. Balleseros and Anana get it on. There is fake CGI fire. This was okay and Walker is plotting something.

Best Lines:
“This stalker book.”

“Easy distain.”

“The man they made you.”

Black Rain
Day 11. Vectors stalk the uninfected. Retrieval Protocol has been initiated. Why aren’t Sutton or Balleseros’ phones encrypted? Alan can’t act. Why don’t they use Balleseros’ mini-dish to call for help? Walker is surprisingly dangerous. The relentlessly cheerful Sarah is comatose and then she isn’t. Daniel is not so ready to please and is jealous of Walker. The vectors plot and do something gross. Hatake is wilfully provocative. They try a cure. Why are the vectors scared of the immortals? Ilaria troops HALO in - impressive. The Scythe is an Ilaria assassin. All the survivors who were cured are now dead. Sarah is an immortal now too. The Scythe is a teenage boy who looks about 12. He’s not an absolute bastard, no matter how much he tries.

Best Line:
“The worst of us.”

The Reaping
Day 12. Sarah hides her silver eyes with a hat. Hatake has a lot of contact lenses lying around. Hatake was born in 1501? Anana trusts the ethically iffy Balleseros, her brother does not. Alan looks like Ian Beale when he hit hard times. The Scythe is Sutton’s son, he has no firmness. Tulok is galling. Hatake’s virus plot makes no sense. There is no magic or mania. The Scythe says socially inappropriate things in wannabe acidic tones.

This was not very nuanced. Serial fabulist Balleseros is laudably detached. Walker is in peril AGAIN. Alan has deft confidence in himself and his ability to wrest back the initiative. Sarah and Walker accept perpetual life with a shrug. The inextricable situation goes on. Immortals have managed across years to screw with people. The Scythe and his slow precise speech bores. The entire outbreak was false pretences. More positively untoward things happen. Hatake has to make an important decision. There is death and Alan whacks the Scythe with a crowbar. Walker meets her mommy. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Either they survive or we do.”

“For his own sake. I hope not.”

“Spent centuries perfecting the art of human suffering.”

Dans L’Ombre
Day 235 gives us a glimpse of Peter and Alan’s future. Back to the base and Alan’s internal mantra is all about his ex. The unexpectedly jaunty soundtrack goes on. Ilaria had Walker’s mommy in a crate for 30 years? Billy Campbell has the dubious distinction of being miscast. You can’t empathise with him. You don’t care about dead Daniel’s circumstances or circumscribed prospects. Nor do you care about the Scythe’s tactical feints or Balleseros’ common cause with Anana.

Daniel is slighted even when dead. I read season 2 spoilers and was consequently disappointed. Hatake is all alas poor villain. Nobody finds immortals existing and brewing up an apocalypse virus a bit concerning. How do immortals exist, how did Sarah and Walker get made into immortals? What is Hatake’s ultimate aim? I’ll just preemptively say I enjoyed season 1 but I won’t bother with season 2 and its perceived poor performance. The Scythe and his ebullient mood bores.

The virus has made it to the outside world. Alan places unfair blame. There is no haze of anxiety. One thing this show had was boggling unpredictability and unclear intent. One feels numbness at Alan’s ongoing mishandling of everything. Balleseros wanders off. Walker’s mother doesn’t know her. Peter has done damage and is devious. This is not a devastating finale. Hatake has deep seated loneliness. Sarah is knocked up. The base is blown up. Walker has no agency. Alan throws Sutton’s severed head at her son in a high camp moment. Flashforward to Day 235 and somehow they got out of the Arctic and Walker has gone evil. Cliffhanger!

Best Lines:
“Not gone unnoticed.”

“This room becomes your eternity.”

“I fear you less than the people I work for.”

“Bad ass special ops type.”

“You’ve already lost.”

“Shall we begin?”
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