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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Aftermath’ trailer
The end of the world happens and James Tupper and Anne Heche must survive the aftermath. This looks ugh with no striking images.

Best Line:
“A little alarming.”

Gold Divers’ promo

‘Bridget Jones’s Baby’ TV spot

‘Season Of The Witch’ trailer
This is a rip-off ‘The Name Of The Rose’ and unexpectedly hilarious.

Best Line:
“We’re going to need more holy water.”

‘Monsters’ trailer
Good trailer, crap movie and this raised abnormal expectations that the movie did not meet.

‘Chalet Girl’ trailer
Comedy as a girl becomes a chalet girl and there is romance, giggles and tasteful opacity about the class system.

‘My Soul To Take’ trailer
Ugly Bug lives in a small town and there’s a killer on the loose. Loud and looks like the last and important film in Wes Craven’s oeuvre.

‘Westworld’ promo

‘Corpse Bride’ (2005) promo

‘A Good Year’ (2006) promo

‘Hooten & The Lady’ promo
It’s ‘Relic Hunter’ 2.0.

Trapped’ (2002) promo

‘Mr Woodcock’ (2007) promo

‘Regarding Henry’ (1991) promo

‘Sausage Party’ promo

‘People Just Do Nothing’ promo

Single Origin Colombia milk chocolate blended with a traditional South American cane panela sugar - yum.
Cucumber, Avocado & Lime smoothie - odd.

They’re remaking ‘The Lost Boys’?

I want a Rattan peacock chair.

My parents had a lump of faux coral; I don’t know where it has gone.

WTF are lorikeets?

WTF is a sea potato?

I won’t review ‘The Last Ship’ 3x06.

‘Fleabag’ Quote:
“Don’t contact me or turn up at my house drunk in your underwear.”

‘Murder In Successville’ Quote:
“I wish I’d had sex with your wife at the Christmas party like everybody else did.”

‘Sleeping With The Family’ Quotes:
“Just bumming it.”

“From the hood.”

“Hates me with a burning passion.”

‘The Sunday Telegraph’ Quotes:
“An attempt to quantify and then monetise that most intangible of things: human attraction.”

“Tainted, however unfairly, with a failure.”

“Refuses to conform to society or etiquette.”

“Friendship fat.”

“Making too little effort.”

“Failed to make any serious attempt.”

“The only living being with whom she shares any love or devotion.”

“Devalue the look of the lane.”

“To disadvantage those that complain about wrongdoing.”


“A year-round staple of the schedules.”

“A mouthpiece for leftist ideologies.”

“Fabricating a historical lie.”

“Tub-thumping agitprop.”

“Refused to make it palatable.”

“That moustache is going to come off, it reeks of England.”

“You know perfectly well you have.”


“Hated the adulation.”

“In the event of Canada’s invasion by its thriving neighbour to the south.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quote:
“Extreme choir.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“A trophy daughter.”

“Forgotten daughter.”

“Doesn’t create problems.”

“They hit. They lie.”

“I’m completely ignored.”

“But I do not like them.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Heat shock proteins.”

“Eyes far away and full of dulled self loathing.”

“Everyone hates him for it.”

“Hippie raid.”

“A high-spirited Nureyev had, however performed a jete into the back of police van.”

“The boldest of human gestures.”

“Causing tensions in his relationship that he doesn’t want.”

“Guitar meets club vibe.”

“Watched young men risk their lives, waste their bank balances, and ultimately damage their own mental health - all in the pursuit of the right shaped abdominal stack.”

On ‘Neighbours’: poor Xanthe is menaced by the perv yet again, has her reputation maligned and is abandoned by her friends. Ben is utterly bereft of brains or empathy.
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