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Helix 1x04 - 1x07 Reviewed

Single Strand
Day 4. The infected plan to mess with the C02 scrubbers. It is 60 below outside and self-destructive desperation is kicking in. Walker is rejected by the infected. There is clinical symbolism and condemnation. Don’t these people ever sleep? Peter is subjected to a ‘cure’. Balleseros has sexually charged charisma and plots potentially damaging things. He’s not sorrowful. Walker has retraumatisation - she’s dull not dangerous. Dr evil is utterly ruthless. Alan has ferocious loyalty to Peter but Peter has no tone of reconciliation. Doreen’s relentless focus reveals some of the virus’ secrets.

Balleseros escapes condemnation and spins a tale but is it true? There is no emotional attachment to Walker and she gets way too much TV time. The promise of the premise may have been thrown away in season 2 so I’ve no plans to watch it. This ep was ephemeral and absurd if not effective and evocative. Walker hallucinates a woman named Jaye.

Where were social services during Alan and Peter’s crazily abusive childhood? Sarah has a tumour. Peter ups his personal betrayal and makes it gruesomely clear that he is an ass. Dr evil has a secret staircase. Peter is surrounded by an almost tangible cloud of sleaze, he and Walker are awful. Why are Walker’s initials carved on a wall in the base? Doreen unlocks one secret too many so Balleseros kills her in gruesome fashion. The infected fear Dr evil. What is the virus and what is it for? Why is Balleseros doing such horrific things? This was okay.

Best Lines:
“It doesn’t just get fixed.”

“Am I the only one here alarmed by this?”

“My work here is protected. Even from you.”

“Is that bad?”
“Only if you like breathing.”

“This Fox Mulder crap.”

The White Room
Day 5. Nobody but Balleseros noticed the frozen monkeys in the snow. He ignites them and expects evac. The monkeys weren’t dead - oh gross. Enigmatic Balleseros plots. Sarah and another woman trip on morphine. Alan is not pragmatic. People have an uncanny habit of ending up dead around Balleseros and he has cold acceptance of this. False note dumpy Daniel has issues with Balleseros. This was not fun and delightful. Dr evil fakes being stabbed. A rat crawls out of dead Doreen’s mouth. Alan gets angry and emits a howl of fury. Balleseros has self regard and sneering contempt. Most of the characters are bipedal vermin.

Who is Dr Hvit? Daniel has a bone of contention. This was not intellectually fascinating. Who has the bosses that Balleseros has such commendable loyalty to? Is he really US military?  Sarah has tremors and shoots up and makes out with Alan. He lectures her on drug use. He’s full of deep burning anger. Then he and Daniel uncover Balleseros’ dealings.

Why is there a frozen head in the snow? This was okay. Alan confronts Balleseros in a display of bad acting. Daniel attacks Balleseros with an ice axe and leaves him to die. Sarah lies.

You can’t really leave. There is bad green screen. Balleseros is ‘rescued’. Daniel is a tool who can’t act. Walker is sick. People mumble. Why is nobody using Balleseros’ mini-dish to call for help? And didn’t he leave that thing out in the snow? Balleseros is shirtless and handcuffed to the floor in a ranch house in the arctic. Daniel gets a slap in the face for his attempted murder. Walker hallucinates, nobody cares. I don’t care about the ostentatious and devious Dr evil and Walker. I hope the apparent inconsistencies in the plot will be explained.

Balleseros is opportunistic and has done really horrific things. Why are the eps so short? Walker hallucinates more. The premise gets more outlandish. Balleseros has been captured by an Inuit woman who screeches like a pompous idiot. Balleseros has a behavioural shift. Alan is all dreary sameness. There is not the slightest remorse from anyone. Balleseros encounters a doppelganger of Daniel the ever so dreary. I’m sick of Inuit woman’s indignant attitude. Walker hallucinates Balleseros in a spiffy uniform. Alan and Sarah hook up. Walker changes and this was okay.

Best Lines:
“They’ll bury this base with us in it.”

“What is all this?”

“They will come.”

Survivor Zero
Two helicopters show up and they contain Dr evil’s corporate patrons. Out pops Constance Sutton the COO of the Ilaria Corporation. She declares that the virus was designed to thin the herd and she wants the cure. Sutton (Jeri Ryan of ‘Dark Skies’ and ‘Star Trek: Voyager’) over-acts wildly. Inuit woman is acidly worded. Sutton is a delusional psychopath and has no disturbing intensity. Alan and Sarah have the greatest possible reservations. Daniel has no moral or ethical stance. Inuit woman and her unalloyed scorn bores. There is yet more obvious green screen.

Walker bandages her eyes. Where have all the raging infected gone? I’ve a lukewarm response to this. Balleseros learns Daniel is a stolen Inuit child and has a long lost twin brother and screechy woman is his older sister. Sutton uses an angle-grinder on her teeth. WTF? Balleseros is Brazilian. Alan is combative. Balleseros is undergoing a redemption myth. Nobody acts seriously and calmly. Daniel meets his sister. This was not even borderline terrifying. I don’t care about Daniel and his slender role in the narrative.

The infected run from Walker and her silver eyes. Sutton has silver eyes too. Sutton and Balleseros make out. I feel indifference and disappointment. This is an ugly situation. Tactless prat Daniel gets through a traumatic issue. This was stupid. The morally problematic Balleseros has suffered serious badass decay and is now oddly convivial. Dr evil has arrogant insouciance. Retroactive back-story applies and this is intriguing but frustrating.

Best Lines:
“So you have nothing, except excuses.”
“And a perforated spleen.”

“Ready. Breach.”
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