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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Arrival’ trailer
Who’s in the medevac? Why do they have a canary? WTF are the aliens? There are UFOs and this looks good.

Best Lines:
“Yeah. That just happened.”

“Speak their words.”

“1 of 12.”

“It’s their language.”

“A weapon and a tool.”

“Why does this feel worse?”

‘Found Footage 3D’ trailer
Filmmakers plan to make a 3D found footage movie. Bad stuff happens.

Best Lines:
“Vomit inducing amateur hour bullsh#t.”

“Why haven’t you put the camera down and run the hell away?”

‘Helix’ season 2 trailer
A cult on an island. Alan looks crazy and Peter looks crazy. WTF is this?

Mechanic: Resurrection’ TV spot

Gluten free roasted chilli tortillas - okay.
Dulce de leche chocolate loaded with salted popcorn pieces - odd.
Apple & Ligonberry Icelandic style yogurt - no.
Single origin Dominican Republic milk chocolate loaded with crunchy jalapeno chilli tortilla chips - okay.
Gluten free spaghetti Bolognese - okay.
Icelandic style mixed berries yogurt - okay.
Gluten free chocolate sponge pudding - good.

LJ tag tidy is done.

I will review ‘Alphas’ season 1, ‘My Soul To Take’, ‘Nevernight’, ‘Misty’, ‘The Darkest Secret’, ’Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’, ’Greely’s Cove’, ’The Harvesting’, ’Seize The Night’, ’The End of the End’ and ’The President’s Women’.

I’ll skip ‘Hell’s Heart’, ’Travelers Rest’ and ‘The Dead Girls Of Hysteria Hall’.

WTF is bovver rock?

WTF is orange wine?

What was the old TV show ‘Beyond 2000’?

The DVDVerdict website has remodelled itself, very very badly.

‘How I Met Your Mother’ Quote:
“Are you allergic to quality fabrics?”

‘Victorious’ Quote:
“I think I’ll miss you least of all.”

‘The Goldbergs’ Quote:
“It’s nature’s candy.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Unhelpful in the house.”

“Overturned chemical toilets.”

“Very extreme decisions.”

“Having frequent conversations with a mysterious presence in shadowy corners.”

“A voice superior enough to strip the paint from lower-order walls.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“You’re pushing at an open door.”

“You don’t alienate the hate dollar.”

“A top consultant in vulval health.”

“Official nut butter supplier.”

“Did what he was best at: getting wasted, getting naked, starting fights, flinging faeces.”

“Lives for months in your locker without rotting.”

“I listen to Christian rap.”

“Disarming and fleeing.”

“Threatened to throw a journalist - who for some reason was having difficulty taking a bunch of grown men dressed as Denis the Menace seriously - out of a window.”

“In the 70s the worst pubs in England.”

“They were the most outlandish-looking youth gangs of the era.”

“Very public falling out on live television.”

“One dodgy comment can literally end your career.”

“That person has just alienated their whole fan base permanently.”

“Never been thirstier to police and label someone problematic or petty or shady.”

“About our hens.”

“Educational block.”

“Intangible cultural assets.”

“Giggly one.”

“Destined to be a detour on the journey of some man.”

“Whose only crime was to love the man you wanted for yourself.”

“Believed they could turn him into a hitman by persuading him to use archery skills he learned in Viking re-enactments.”

“Archival erasure.”

“This was my disgrace.”

“Guardian against the perceived tide of theatrical depravity.”

“Reporter seeking condemnation of some alleged outrage.”

“Equally high-profile denouncer.”

‘The Daily Telegraph’ Quote:
“A man in Germany damaged a BMW he claimed was driving too fast by attacking it with a foot-long sausage.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Chased my siblings around with a knife.”

“Manage yourself.”

“That’s unacceptable.”

“Stop kicking the wall.”

“I will probably hurt someone.”

“Holds our whole family in a constant state of crisis.”

“Feeds off of negative energy.”

“When we reprimanded her, she just laughed at us.”

“Not very educated 12 year old.”

“What would you do on the streets?”

“Sign a household safety plan.”

“Being an individual.”

“Traumatically affected.”

“Lots of word power.”

“I’m not going to be laughed at.”

‘Deadlocked’ Quotes:

“You’re presuming too much.”

‘FTWeekend’ Quotes:
“Unless it’s so ancient that parts no longer exist.”

“The correction is gentle, offered with love.”

“Like meditating without making an effort.”

“Deeply ingrained set of cultural patterns that reflect and reinforce the power structure.”

“It signifies that you should turn away.”

“Elderly maidens called their cats indoor as he passed by.”

‘Nevernight’ Quotes:
“Like a dockside sweet boys crawled with crabs.”

“If such things have names. I know for damned sure they have memories, and I’ll not have them remember mine.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Linda Gray is to play Marnie’s mother? John-Paul fawns over James who treats him badly. Marnie seems to fancy James, eeewww. Tony, Darren and Maxine put on balaclavas to do some vigilante action against Warren. This ridiculously awful plot is interrupted by Warren’s brutal imposition of power. James is shown up as small and shabby as he is slapped around by John-Paul’s amiable idiot parents. How spectacularly inept was this.
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