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Containment 1x06 + Helix 1x02&1x03 Reviewed

He Stilled The Rising Tumult
There is infamous opportunism and a very ill-advised decision to question the motivations and behaviours of the cynical establishment. Lex and Leo Greene have a powerful suspicion. People have complete disregard for sense. People act duplicitously. Leo Greene pontificates. This is curiously lacking in suspense, introspection or revelation. Katie is a silly pretty thing with no quiet vulnerability. People shrug off the era defining tragedy.

Katie’s son is a moron. Leo Greene is a tool. The mother of the pregnant teen tries to help her idiot spawn and her equally stupid boyfriend. Lex talks to some boring guy. Katie, cute cop Jake and Katie’s idiot spawn Quentin go for a stroll. Jana whines about her childhood some more, oh shut up. This was boring with bad acting. Characters come together and things get worse due to their stupidity.

Best Line:
“Here is my gesture of good faith.”

This fascinates in a cold conceptual kind of way. Peter has darkened and become a threat. Walker makes the most awful situation all about her, she’s irritatingly superficial and has continual complaints. Alan over-worries and is non-confrontational. All their troubles have been made by the obviously evil doctor. Sarah has 2 masters and a PhD at 26? The older doctor is Doreen and she talks with the slightest hint of southern syrup.

An infected woman babbles, she’s a callow talent and makes her poisonous whispers boring. You absolutely must not attempt to think whilst watching this ep. People babble about The White Room. Luckless souls have mounting horror. This was not unexpectedly compelling. People have open enmity. Why haven’t they been evacuated? Walker has chagrin and Peter rants crazily and attacks Balleseros.

There is yelling about a virus vault and Balleseros has an agenda. The infected annoy. Someone has silver eyes and this ends on an ill-advised note. Everyone is hopelessly lacking in charm save for Balleseros.

Best Lines:
“We will have order here.”

“Stun baton. We use them on polar bears.”

“When dad was drinking or angry. Which was a lot.”

It’s Day 3. Time has not been entirely kind to Billy Campbell. This had no resonance. I had no expectations for this. Various people and their pathologies lurk. People have a toxic desire to spread the disease. The flat out deranged Peter has been caught. Balleseros (Mark Ghanime) makes one feel sex feelings. There is no breathtaking talent on display here. Dr evil and his dumpy son Daniel are shady characters. People stew about the bleak situation they are in. Who is paying for this massive base? Silly plastic faceplates are worn.

Alan has outward clam. The base has terrible security. Walker being infected is a significant escalation. Dr evil has a clear distain for sense. What are the metaphysical ramifications of the plague? Why do people keep getting close to simmering physical danger of the infected? This is no neat narrative. Doreen and Balleseros are friends. Walker justifies why she was compulsively unfaithful to Alan.

Balleseros and Doreen examine the frozen monkeys. Cancellation meant this show had no definitive end. Sarah creates a rapid response test. Someone wields an axe. This was morbidly fascinating. Walker is grimly ambitious and unfettered by morals. This was not fantastically smart, witty and clever. The disease seems to cause jealous paranoia and rage. Doreen and Balleseros are menaced by a potent threat. Walker is the c word. Chaos erupts. What is Sarah’s secret? This was good. Balleseros has more evil intentions. This has no exceptional dramatic discourse but I enjoyed it.

Best Lines:
“Where the hell is my monkey?”

“Reeks of Hatake.”

“What kind of research were you conducting with nuclear reactors?”


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