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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Scream Queens’ season 2 trailer
Deliberately belligerent types loom large. No.

Best Line:
“Oh my gauze.”

‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ trailer
The Death Star blots out the sun, a guy hits Storm Troopers with a stick and beat up looking people talk. Vader lurks. This looks cool with novelty, speed and ingenuity. So is English chick the mother of non-trap baby Rey?

Best Lines:
“I will not kill you.”

“Are you with me?”
“All the way.”

‘Don’t Breathe’ trailer
Three not particularly pleasant jerks break into a blind man’s house. They messed up so he messes them up. This looks great. The house looked like an easy target until they found what was inside.

‘Big’ (1988) promo

Mint crunch dark choc - yum.
Passionfruit sparkling drink - good.
Strawberry chewits - dull.
Apple drops - too sweet.
Goats cheese - yum.
Vanilla ice-cream with chocolate sauce - no.
Almond & Orange dark choc - okay.

‘The Living and The Dead’ has been cancelled.

I’m still doing a massive livejournal tag tidy.

I wanted to review ‘Olympus’ and ‘Vampire Detectives’.

‘Just 17’ magazine wasn’t for me.

The BBC is doing a new version of ‘Witness For the Prosecution’.

‘The Naked Gun: From The Files of Police Squad!’ (1988) was okay.

A social group to support shark attack survivors is called Bite Club?

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“Liberated from the fear of their spouse.”

“A preamble to other activities.”

“Shaming bounders.”

“Whispering sweet nothings into the wrong person’s ear.”

“Self-inflicted deprivation.”

“Always sound scripted.”

“Weird attachment to prestige.”

“Spat it out, complaining to the waitress that his drink had been tainted.”

“Before he began to realise that violence and aggression are not necessary to resolve a dispute.”

“Collapsed under its own production values and self regard.”

“Unrealistically glossy.”

“Only watched Coronation Street, presumably so that he could recognise a lower-class person if he ever bumped into one.”

“Highly reviled.”

“Time-honoured bonkbuster formula of interweaving the lives of three ambitious women who are determined to escape their pasts.”


‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Internal discord and irreconcilable differences of ambition.”

“The ultimate truth serum, capable of breaking down enemy agents.”

“Non-stop calamities.”

“High-speed metal death robot.”


“Hypoactive sexual desire.”

“Indisputable evidence.”


“An audition for Star Wars in 1976 which amounted to not much more than the director, George Lucas, pointing at Baker and saying: “You’ll do.”.”

‘Sunday Independent’ Quotes:
“High-hat airs.”

“Meticulously and exhaustively constructing the phenomenon.”

“Craved appreciation of her talents,”

“Ethereal extreme.”

“Topple the reputation she had spent years working on.”

“In full shrieking banshee mode.”

‘The Sunday Telegraph’ Quote:
“I shouldn’t be allowed to talk to people.”

“Are you guys on cocaine?”

“If they’ve been in the loft for 30 years, they smell. In fact, they reek.”

“She couldn’t - and still can’t - see that she could be doing anything wrong.”


“Do you know who live in graveyards? Rapists!”

“Constant pejorative comments.”

“Never one to shirk an opportunity for self-publicity.”

“Pursuit of status.”

“Civilisation is ending in a blaze of self-promotion.”

“Whore’s droppings.”

“Dignity in silence.”

“A further horrible twist.”

“Who is perfectly capable of using a computer and the mobile phones which are repeatedly removed from her, who is being held wholly against her will,”

“Fizzing with exasperation.”

“Tell you what you want to hear.”

‘Creedon’s Epic East’ Quote:
“Walked this land before us.”

‘Teen Mom 2’ Quote:
“She’s really ridiculous.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Perpetual cycle of outrage and trolling.”

“A shame culture.”

“An increasingly pathetic figure - isolated and lacking self-awareness.”

“A sad rebuke.”

“Stifled dreams.”

“I’m proud to say Henry Kissinger is not my friend.”

“Shout inflammatory and fabricated taunts from a microphone.”

On ‘Neighbours’: Tyler and Paige tongue in public in front of Father Jack. Fat Terese is smug, how can she afford to buy a hotel? Fat Terese needs to apologise. Are we supposed to see her awfulness as droll? Ben cheats on Xanthe, leaving her trapped with a perv. You’d think the plot would have some logic. Shelia lectures Father Jack on Vatican II. Nobody seems to have a job. Father Jack has deadpan unreadable mute dignity. Why is Drab seen as a pillar of the community? Paige decides to get a job as a boxer. Gary fails to notice Xanthe’s distress. Fat Terese throws herself at Gary. Tyler attacks Father Jack cos he’s trash. Father Jack stares at Tyler with loathing. I feel marked disinterest.

On ‘Hollyoaks’: laughably unlikely things happen. Ryan is DS Thorpe’s nephew and a cop. Tegan encourages Ste in his crap. Where is Ben? Cindy is frozen out. People fight over a pig. Marnie is pernicious. James lurks. Is Mac the father of James or not? There is no morally-conscious thought-leadership here. Does Ryan have very bad intentions? This had no relatable reality. Are Ste and John-Paul still married? True imbecile Ste does he-man emoting. Scott is abysmal.

Awful Alfie thinks Cindy has sexual abandon. Jade lies. Alfie arouses strong negative emotions. Marnie is shameless. Amy is moving back to Hollyoaks. Ste is told what a terrible father he is by Amy when he realises his allegations were fake. Scott and John-Paul and presumably Matthew move into Diego’s van. Is John-Paul still estranged from his clan?

Best Lines:
“He throws tantrums at the cheese counter.”

“Since when did you develop a moral conscience?”

“He didn’t want you either especially after Nathan was born.”


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