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Book Review: Twelve Kings

Twelve Kings by Bradley Beaulieu
This incredibly bad fantasy is set in an Arabic style desert instead of falling back on the cliché of a time locked cod-medieval Europe setting. This is a harsher, meaner place full of unamiable idiots who speak in strangely colourless tones.

A female pit fighter makes irrevocable choices to redetermine her future. Her friend is an asinine moron. This is a dolorous drone of doom. The ‘mysteries’ are obvious, the ideology is silly and people are hopelessly ill-prepared for the trouble kicking off.

This was not melancholic or soulful. There are endless flashbacks and no respect or decent treatment. Interest was present at first but clichés and bad writing undermined all interest. There is no genuine pleasure to be gained from this and people enunciate grandiose aspirations. This was terribly awful.

Best Lines:
“She dreamed. And her dreams were not kind.”

“The tree has told you all it can for now.”

“Did she have kin?”
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