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The Magicians 1x07&1x08 + Containment 1x05 Reviewed

The Mayakovsky Circumstance
The Brakebills South section of the book is condensed and changed for this episode. The gang have turned into geese and flown to Antarctica. Julia has created a trust deficit and offered herself up to judgment. Julia’s sister who looks like a young Kim Richards shows up. Penny and Kady’s relationship has been rendered near-impossible. The fearsome lecturer Mayakovski (Brian F. O’Byrne of ‘Flashorward’) and his bad Russian accent puts them through training from hell.

Who is Todd? Eliot and Margo are uproariously filthy. A guy named Mike shows up and seduces Eliot. A djinn shows up. A bad thing happens to Mike. Alice and Quentin hook up. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“You learn magic like parrot learns Shakespeare.”

“You, sultry but damaged.”

“You will be selling oranges at an off-ramp.”

“Brakebills is not a forgiving place.”

The Strangled Heart
This ep ramps up the absurdities. Julia’s in rehab. Marina shows up to annoy. This was not suffocating taut. Keegan Connor Tracy of ‘Jake 2.0’ and ‘Once Upon A Time’ shows up as Brakebill’s doctor. Eliot tells Mike he lies about his background. Mike attacks Penny. Julia makes a new friend. Penny rants. Julia floats. Eliza is Jane Chatwin like duh. There is death and this was okay. Nobody is truth-spouting and people seem to have barely adequate skills for survival.

Best Lines:
“I have a full collection of Leonard Nimoy’s spoken word albums. On vinyl.”

“This wound is cursed.”

“I’m not the guy outside the YMCA yelling at people to repent.”

“It was a prayer.”
“To what?”

Like A Sheep Among Wolves
It is Day 7 and there are food issues. The vending machines are out. Katie and her brat son annoy. The food store has been taken over by a guy with unchivalrous intentions. There are indignities and sad and unsettling things. Ramifications will linger much longer and there is a protest element but no memorable incidents.

People lie and yell and are stupid and this was inessential and hilariously earnest. Leo Greene and his lingering spectre of the irrational annoys even if he doesn’t appear in this ep. A food drop goes awry. Katie has no geeky glamour and sees conspiracies. Lex is not conspicuously reluctant to apportion blame. Katie is sarcastic and stupid and makes it all about her.

This simple narrative is not totemic. Toxic Barbie seems hopelessly ill-prepared. There are no absolute values just a slow drift into shared animosity. Chris Wood plays a good man on the edge of darkness. There is an airing of suspicions about intentions. I’ve no unbridled enthusiasm about this ep.

People spew self-pitying crap. Gangbangers ride on motorbikes. There is no social idealism or unsaid fears. Far reaching topics aren’t addressed. The strange insular world of the cordon isn’t made interesting. This boring ep isn’t somewhat nuanced. What became of the cop who fell into the cordon? And did he fall and what is he doing in there?

A moppet whines. Lex has more anguish. More people are dumb. Katie whines and wonders why rats are needed in a non-research hospital and points fingers. Patient Zero might not have been Patient Zero. The MREs are stolen by a gangbanger who can’t act. Jana is menaced.

Best Line:
“They never came home.”
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