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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

Midwinter Of The Spirit’ promo

‘The Level’ promo

‘No Man Left Behind’ promo

‘Stupidoo’ ad
Hell no.

‘The Magic Tooth Fairy’ ad

Cherry Passion tictacs - okay.
Dark chocolate with caramelized cocoa beans - good.

I am doing a major LJ tags tidy-up.

A nice food hall has closed.

‘Wasted’ Quotes:
“It’s been going on for hundreds of years.”
“So’s ‘Fast & Furious’, doesn’t mean its any good.”

“Mind swab.”

“Mellow blackout.”

“Makes you wanna cry. But in a good way.”

“Sort of like vodka, more bleach.”

“Smells like snake’s piss.”

“Forgone all human vices.”

“It’s nice ini’t it?”

“Penile desires.”

“Predates the boundary change.”

“Wank stain.”

“Shame! Shame! Shame! Shame!”

‘Love and Marriage’ Quotes:
“Evil noise.”

“Date face.”

“Shame them out of us.”

“Every jockstrap I’ve ever picked up.”

“You’ve got to come.”

Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“One of the homeless people.”

“A target for victimization.”

“Could be brain involvement.”

“Some vestige of control.”

“All of our doors are duct taped.”

“Kicks and breaks doors.”

“Three years in the woods.”

“Are you out of control still?”

“Hurt them in the night.”

“I don’t like to hear that.”

“Having a rage attack.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“As though we can’t possibly comprehend female greatness without a male proxy.”

“Without sexualising female existence.”

“That has almost no idea how to process competent women.”

“Very small shorts.”

“Complain of harassment.”

“I don’t have friends.”

“Name sign.”


“One language with just 60 speakers has four competing writing systems.”

“A stinking ditch, almost lifeless except for some sewage fungus.”

“Agricultural pests.”

“Ecological consequences.”


‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“I see your lot are causing trouble again.”

“However unjust such a reputation might be.”

‘Das Boot’ Quote:
“These boats are built to take it.”

‘Nationwide’ Quotes:
“That was before electricity.”

“It’s unrepeatable.”

“Cowhide shoes.”

“That way of living.”

On ‘Neighbours’: Drab has no consideration. Lauren says no to marrying Drab, who whines about Matt. Drab is the height of bad taste and has no regard. Lauren dreams about Matt. Piper whines. Drab rewards himself for destroying his marriage by trying to give himself another one with Lauren. Piper and Paige yell. Doesn’t Brennan care about Tyler hooking up with his sloppy seconds? Tyler calls Piper a mental case. Tyler talks to Father Jack. What is with the cat? Piper is inconsolable and cries. Paul wants REVENGE. Paige and Tyler hook up.

Ned shows up. Lauren drove Ned away in the first place. Lauren is a gushing mess and a wildly pungent home wrecker. Drab wears an ugly hat. Why is Toadfish friends with Drab? Are Drab and Toadfish watching the Olympics? Skeevy Paige and Toadfish hang out. Father Jack is in pain at this. Tyler is an arse. Drab is a drop of poison in everyone’s life. Lauren has no deep and abiding shame over her behaviour.

Paige sulks and snarls and wears her bad-girl fashions. Father Jack points out Drab’s general misconduct. Steph cheerleads Drab and shrugs in indifference at the crap he pulled. Terese cheerleads awful Drab even as he badmouths Beth. Why would Father Jack want Paige who looks like she came from a sex ship and who likes to escalate minor conflicts with her caustic sarcasm, lies and ineptitude? Paige has a wardrobe that any hooker would admire. Paige and Tyler have mockery and contempt for Father Jack’s beliefs.

Best Lines:
“He lives here now?”

“Completely out of line.”

“Not talk about her right now please.”

“That man bun of yours.”

“Calculated and cold.”

“Don’t be with Paige.”

“That deadbeat husband of hers.”

“In front of your ex-wife, you idiot.”

“No guessing, only knowing.”

“My last wedding ring.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: One is discouraged from caring. Why is Warren Fox hanging out with the Roscoes and pulling a van scam? Does no-one recognise him? What about Ste and his drug abuse? Amy shows up. Where is John-Paul? Where is Tony? Kim isn’t dead; she is still in the opening credits. Ellie sees an incriminating photo. Joanne and James get their ‘Dangerous Liaisons’ on. They’re loaded with lies. Jade and Hypnotoad have the uncanny knack of making life more difficult for themselves.

Best Lines:
“Mercedes McQueen. The town bike.”

“Curious friendship don’t you think?”
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