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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘The Great Wall’ promo

‘Another 48 Hrs’ (1990) promo

‘Space Cowboys’ (2000) promo

‘30 Days Of Night’ (2007) trailer

‘The Player’ (1992) promo

‘Maigret Sets A Trap’ promo

‘Born Yesterday’ (1993) promo

‘Collateral Damage’ (2003) promo

‘One Of Us’ promo

‘Ripper Street’ promo
Oh go away.

Smokey bacon - yum.
Sparkling Guava drink - good.
Apple and Cinnamon doughnut - okay.
Paprika sausages - yum.
Caramel and pistachio doughnut - no.
Spicy salsa flavour corn chips - okay.

Ab crack is a thing?

I will review ‘The Lone Ranger’.

I loved The Reduced Shakespeare Company.

‘Gone With The Wind’ Quotes:
“Throwing away happiness with both hands.”

“Telling her things that make no difference now.”

“Please don’t go on with this.”

“I love you.”
“That’s your misfortune.”

‘The Simpsons’ Quote:
“His only talking daughter.”

‘The Sunday Telegraph’ Quotes:
“Bra wardrobe.”

“The whole cleavage look feels quite dated.”

“Film-star shelf.”

“A lot of women are in size denial.”

“The boys wouldn’t accept a female orchestral leader.”

“Running on a thin, white diet of milk, cocaine and four packs of gitanes a day.”

“Star limbo.”

“Haven’t let go of their fear.”

“Widely unloved.”

“Eardrum-puncturing bad dialogue, scowling self-pity.”

“Creepily insistent mouth-to-mouth.”

“Collusive star appeal.”

“Career-worst performance.”

“Somehow it even rains during the final battle, which takes place indoors.”

“Being bullied by magpies.”

“Launching herself from cupboards and shelves in protest.”

“Exhibitionist entrance.”

“Jeered into the stadium.”

“She initially sought $196.5 million, including $116,000 a year for handbags.”

“Mistress dispelling.”

“Advised to change her wardrobe, and the tone she used when speaking to her husband.”

“Vulgar briefcase.”

“Belligerent rhetoric.”

“Faux outrage.”

“Every inch the seaside landlady.”

“You couldn’t reason with him.”

‘The Sunday Business Post’ Quotes:
“Well-meaning expression.”

“The disappointing son of the great Harry Potter.”

“The details of your most private and personal desires.”

“The moral stature that comes from being oppressed.”

“History and hipster happily co-exists.”

‘RTE News’ Quote:
“Soil moisture deficits.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Crazy evil devil woman.”

“Go hang out with the losers.”

“Punish her for reprimanding him.”

“Same violent aggression.”

“A brawl over some headphones.”

“My mom doesn’t like me.”

“Police are at your house at least 3 times a day.”

“Person in need of supervision.”

“Someone is going to a psych ward for the night.”

“All your clothes were frozen on the front lawn.”

“Little bastard.”

“Fly in his pyjamas.”

“Saw some good in this guy.”

“Can’t hate you some more.”

“Smashing TVs.”

“Doesn’t know how to be a parent.”

“Cans of worms that haven’t been opened in years.”

“My whole neighbourhood was in fear of this guy.”

“The death issue.”

“A dangerous dude.”

“He ran after me.”

“Handcuffs me to the toilet.”

“Writes on the slate of who you are.”

‘The Red Bulletin’ Quotes:
“Its crew was scattered over a mile of ocean.”

“We winch down the rescue swimmers.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quote:
“In a post-apocalyptic world ruled by Donald Trump.”

‘Sunday Impendent’ Quotes:
“Total pursuit of a career.”

“Imagine if I’d been standing there holding a filthy kid who was chewing on a bit of garbage: I’d have been arrested.”

“Incidents do occur.”

‘The Hills: That Was Then This Is Now’ Quotes:
“Don’t want to know that you.”

“My runway collection.”

“A Californian brand.”

“I’m just not fancy enough.”

“Polaroid these two girls.”

“Courtney with a c?”

“Getting paperclips.”


‘The Guardian’ Quotes:

“Late-70s hair products.”

“The show that ITV couldn’t get you to watch.”

“Rigid, lifelong stratification.”

“Coercive inspection regime.”

“Full-pelt bastard.”

“Contrived abandon.”

“I didn’t feel comfortable about the intention of the scene.”

On ‘Neighbours’: Terese and Drab have their divorce party to celebrate Drab throwing away 20 years of marriage for Lauren. Father Jack, Paige, Lauren and Tyler are inexplicably at this party. What is the proclaimed objective of this? Drab still is a lazy long-haired surfer. Drab claims to still love Terese which is a lie. Piper plays Paige and Tyler’s sextape and Paige isn’t sorry. Tyler is a himbo. Drab walks off in yet another searing indictment of his bad parenting. Piper is stupid. Drab and Lauren excuse Paige’s crap AGAIN. Then Drab proposes to the unrepentant Lauren in front of Terese. Classy.

Best Lines:
“The ability to keep her pants on.”

“I also have needs.”

“Are you saying I’m easy?”

“Thanks for ruining our day.”

“She’s clearly into a bit of rough trade.”
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