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The Magicians (2015 - 2020) 1x01-1x03 Reviewed

Unauthorized Magic
This was based on Lev Grossman’s wonderful books and is somewhat different from them. Quentin reads the Fillory books and even they and the Chatwin children are different. The Ram decorated grandfather clock is nice. Quentin’s friend Julia whines. He is depressive and she is whiny, even during the entrance exam to Brakebills.

Quentin holds his pencil in a really weird way. Julia fails and won’t accept it. Jane Chatwin lurks. The character of Janet from the books is renamed Margo for the TV show. Eliot sneers. Alice looks like Felicity from ‘Arrow’ and makes a glass horse from a marble. Julia’s boyfriend James is bland. The plot is very rushed. Julia is contacted by the creepy street magicians aka hedge-witches. This has some arresting imagery. Julia has grievances and the Chatwin childrens ‘English’ accents sound like people reading their lines phonetically while eating tripe.

Quentin is adamantly annoying. Penny doesn’t want to be labelled. I’m not rapt in admiration for this not particularly memorable ep. This was whimsical, silly and serious but not sincere. This had no bang or polish. It was a bit vapid and bloodless. Quentin has tired nervy sadness in his eyes and things are faintly ridiculous. The Beast popping up does incite interest. This was okay if super-accelerated.

Best Lines:
“Don’t demand. Ask.”

“Am I hallucinating?”
“If you were. How would talking to me help?”

“It won’t stop him coming.”

“Nerd-boy dragon porn s##t.”

“Spellwork is not unlikely to murder you.”

“My parents are useless crazy people.”

“Bring an Estonian-English dictionary.”

“How did he die?”
“Horribly I assume.”

“What’s dubstep?”

The Source Of All Magic
Quentin is not an unmistakably heroic representation of the heroic character. Julia is socially fractious. Julia has easily accepted the collapse of the edifice of already accepted thought. Quentin declares his shame. Magic is perverse and hazardous. A documentary about Fillory is viewed. Lev Grossman has a cameo in it. Quentin with all sanity and reasonableness decides Fillory is real. One feels absence of sympathy. Everyone has undiagnosed dysfunction. Who is Kady who hangs out with the gang?

This was middling. There are gross acts of misjudgement. This was ever so slightly preposterous. Hedge witches have a Brakebills connection. There are more unsubtle Ram motifs. The Dean is in bits following The Beast’s attack on him. Kacey Rohl of Hannibal’ shows up as an annoying hedge-witch.

Best Lines:
“You don’t get to say don’t.”

“Powerful and malevolent.”

“Ate my feelings at a professional level.”

“Magic doesn’t come from talent.”

“Killer moth man from another world.”

Consequences Of Advanced Spellcasting
Eliot channels Richard E Grant in ‘Withnail and I’. Penny lives in a quarrelsome place. Everyone is shouting, swearing and snarling. Julia is always harshly glaring down in cramped dank interiors. Quentin is addled and guiless and there is nothing admirable or romantic about him. There’s a niffin in the fountain. Screw Julia and her illegally procured magic. The insufferably pleased with himself Quentin has heady love for Julia. This leaves one catatonic with boredom.

This show has a narrative of relentless negativity. There is no melancholy grandeur or unfriendly wit. No one cares that magic is against the order of nature. Nobody has moral responsibility. There is no dark staging and people have ridiculously minor grievances. This is far less exultant and is not proper good. Everybody has mordant misanthropy. Everyone is a miserabilist uppity arse. Books screw. Julia feels Quentin’s wholesale rejection and near-universal derision.

This ep was a staid telling. There was no truth spouting or chaotic vitality. Julia has abused devotion to the hedge-witches. Nobody has reason, confidence or sheer affability. This is awash with generalisations. Nobody has awed wonder just character and dialogue atrophy. This is bleak farce and it’s serio-pantomimic. Julia has catastrophised thinking and permanent grubbiness but no empathy scope. This show is insufficiently alluring.

Penny has a rare power. Having magical mentors does not imply they have one’s best interests. Quentin proprietarily befriended Julia. This show has hardly any original contribution to the mythos. Julia severs her clinging attachment to James. Alice’s blank mask and inner composure cracks. Screw her psychodrama. Margo craves attention. Bored now.

Best Lines:
“Please say yes. I cannot see you nod.”

“Cry and process.”

“Once one of ‘em offered to blow me for a spell.”
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