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Primeval Season 3 Ep 10 Review

Finally this wretched season is over. Will there be a season 4? I neither know or care. Danny, Connor and Abby head into the past to stop Helen's latest cunning plan. Sarah and Becker stay in the present, being useless. Helen runs around twitching like no account, backwoods meth head trash. Nobody cares that she killed Cutter. Her clone army have vanished. Helen breaks the artefact after all the fuss kicked up over it all season. Then she heads off to wipe out the human race. Danny and co are attacked by raptors. Connor is extremely stupid. Abby has no agency. Helen is killed by a raptor after her plan to wipe out humanity fails. Connor and Abby are stranded in the past while Danny is stranded in another time period of the past.

This was dull. Long time villain Helen was drained of all villain potential and intrigue in season 2. What was her ultimate plan? Why did she and Nick ever marry? How did she became such a master of the anomalies? She was such a lame baddie in this season, that even Andy on 'Emmerdale' was a more scary villain than her. He killed his mother in a barn burning, shot gunned his father, fist fought with his brother, cheated on his first wife, beat his second wife causing her to run away in fear of her life, scared his child, menaced his babymama and committed a fatal hit and run. Helen fears Andy.

As for the rest? Becker got to strike poses, Abby was useless, Lester seems to have vanished, Connor's a moron, no-one cares Stephen and Cutter are dead, Sarah's useless and then there is Danny. Why are we supposed to care about him? He muscles in on the action and is all wannabe heroic action man. I miss Cutter, leave Danny in the dim and distant past. And where were the answers to the anomalies we were promised?

Best Lines:
"Becker is really not going to be happy with you."
"That was his favourite gun."

"You know Helen, you're in dire need of some serious therapy."
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