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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Dunkirk’ trailer

‘War Dogs’ trailer

‘The Young Offenders’ trailer

‘Mr Robot’ promo
A vigilante hacker annoys. Christian Slater is in this and this looks mmm.

Best Line:
“The guys that play god without permission.”

Cold Feet’ promo

‘The Expanse’ promo

‘Kubo and the Two Strings’ promo

‘Grimm’ promo
Bad sfx.

Best Line:
“This won’t end well.”
“For you.”

The Purge: Election Year’ trailer

‘David Brent: Life On The Road’ trailer

‘CharmU’ ad

‘The Other Kingdom’ promo

‘Baby Boom’ (1987) promo

‘Dig In!’ ad

‘Don’t Laugh!’ ad

‘Gas Out’ ad

‘Dance Moms’ promo
Oh hell no.

Garlic dip - not so hot.
Pierogies - no.
Fruit salad chewits - good.
Gluten and wheat free shortbread rounds - good.
Wheat, milk and gluten free bread - mmm.
Pure veg drink - disgusting.

They’re rebooting ‘Pumpkinhead’?

I will review ‘Twelve Kings’.

There is spreadabale salami?

So the Secret Service training centre is in Beltsville Maryland?

‘Everybody’s Dead’ Quotes:
“You’re getting the zombie high and making him watch Garden State?”

“Somebody threw out a perfectly good chainsaw?”

“No one here is worth dying for.”

“Yo go mourn.”

‘Sky News’ Quote:
“Flown in at great expense.”

‘Futurama’ Quotes:
“Here comes violence.”

“It’s a cheek-seeker.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Which in nauseated hindsight was a bad idea.”

“Stacked salad.”

“Food stylist.”

“Suffocated cloud of gloom.”

“Doesn’t do irony, or humour, or subtlety.”

“Unmanned till with an irritating robot voice.”

“Feel justified in not paying.”

“Crushing weight of the grave markers.”

“Grief silences us.”

“The pool was so dirty that the water had turned bright green.”

“Years of chaos that had attended his career.”

“Continual abusive language.”

“Less confrontational messages.”

“Grown up to become the comments section of a Libertarian blog.”

“Owe a conceptual debt.”

“It is said it’s harder to become an NBC page than it is to get into Harvard.”

“Barking mad conspiracy theories about the EU.”

“The beetle life to be found inside cow pats.”

“I have not heard him laugh often and it always boded ill.”

“She not only stares at the wall, she occasionally stares at the wall for a long time.”

“Laughter is a false intensifier.”

“Ours was a family that didn’t talk about difficult emotions.”

“Pathologically upbeat culture.”

“Their suspicion that happiness is unsophisticated.”

“Largely been forgotten by history.”

“Who was later sentenced to 10 years of degredation nationale for “collaboration horizontale”.”

‘16 & Pregnant’ Quotes:
“Shame on daddy!”

“History of fleeing.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Were you his mistress?”

“Was she working you?”

“Did you sabotage her furnace and try to blow up her house?”


“His wife was kidnapped by his best friend.”

“A sexy headline.”

“Getting even weirder.”

“I don’t need him to mock me.”

“Lie in a public forum.”

“I’m not lying about anything.”

“Don’t look down and roll your eyes.”

“Have long been obvious.”

“Full of lies and invention.”

“Bone-breaking biter mom.”

“There is no justification.”

“I need somebody to listen.”

“Completely very honest.”

“Not be common to the normal course of.”

“Outcome determinative.”

“You never gonna see him again.”

“Put this in a very different light.”

“Myths have consequences.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Sire, it is time.”

“Chaise daffier - pierced chair toilet.”

“Injunctive relief.”

“A protective measure against this ongoing persecution.”

“Beyond saving or rehabilitation.”

“When I went to college it was before VHS even existed,”

“The ways in which people talk online are monstrous.”

“There was always a lot of goat poop.”

“70s-era sexist.”

“Who waves at lampposts.”

“Dressed like a sex worker at a truck stop.”

“Wipe that smile off your face when you laugh at it.”

“Everything you’d expect from a 1980s soap star playing Captain Hook in panto at the Barnsley Empire: all extended vowels and erratic phrasings.”

“Moral stink.”

‘FTWeekend’ Quotes:
“Making impressionistic observations.”

“Apparently have a complete disregard for the value of not being seen.”

“Settings archaeologists.”

“Quickly turn a placid dinner party into a shouting match.”

“Reportedly threw crockery and ashtrays at her husband.”

“Front-end work.”

“Rich Brazilians don’t want to be in the same place as the poor.”

“Made its fateful choice.”

“Sewage-dotted waves.”

“Nonpoint pollution.”


“An uneasy mixture of jocular and threatening.”

“Furiously rhetorical responses.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Diego’s ‘sister’ is actually his wife. Esther and Kim got married with camp excess. Wearingly it seems porn culture saturated Grace had Kim killed. Myra’s having issues. Where is John Paul? James lurks looking like a boy band reject. Things are unremittingly bleak and fairly obvious and protracted. This show has operatic silliness and a dense downpour of madness. Everything is seediness and wrongness.

There are no interesting scenarios here. James and his serious demeanour hangs out with Joanne. What colour is Esther’s hair now? Frankie is the reigning scourge of Chester. Grace is ethics starved. Joanne’s mother dies. So? Myra is an attention whore. Celine is the only nurse in Chester. Jack and Frankie have no moral law; just indifference and cruelty. There is no plain decency in Chester. Joe doubts Mercedes and there is an implicit suggestion in that. Joe is truly credulous. Grace and Frankie’s ‘friendship’ sours quickly.

Joe may lose the garage. Kim’s belongings are buried in a pit. Oh. Joanne has improper intentions toward Joe. One of Grace’s brothers is menaced by a chicken. Joe calls Mercedes a cheating slut. Joanne wants Joe. This was not perfectly tolerable. This had no narrative thrust. Alfie and Jade bore. Warren steals Dirk’s engine. Hypnotoad is a moron. Joanne falls out of a red dress. There is the deadening inevitability of more trouble to come. There is no sense of renewal.

Best Lines:

“Defend her honour or what’s left of it.”

“How did your fingernail get into my living room?”

“You take things to extremes.”

“Listen grandma!”

And on ‘Neighbours’: Elly’s been bitten by the snake. Karl is the only doctor in town. Elly is pregnant and twitching. Suspenseful music plays. Susan and Steph are torturously smug. Piper is Tyler obsessed and resolutely horrible. The snake slithers free. Piper plots to publicly shame Paige and Tyler.

Best Lines:

“You don’t sound hopeful.”
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