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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘The Harvesting’ (2015) trailer
Amish horror! Maybe.

Best Line:
“These woods bring out the worst in people.”

‘The Exorcist’ trailer
An aged Geena Davis has a demon in her house. 2 priests natter. There is a double eyeball and Tubular Bells. Maybe.

‘Paperhouse’ (1988) trailer
A girl draws a house, is it real? This has 80s hair, a boy who looks creepy and this looks like a 80s music video. This is okay.

Best Lines:

“This is the real world.”

‘What A Girl Wants’ (2003) promo

‘Fun With Dick And Jane’ (2005) promo

‘Das Boot’ trailer
Lost men fighting a lost war and the characters aren’t obviously German.

‘Fleabag’ promo

‘The Shallows’ TV spot
Oh yes.

Blood Ties’ promo
Go away Clive Owen.

Lemon meringue doughnut - okay.
Peanut butter Snickers - yum.
Gluten free cranberry cookies - good.

Amur Leopards are cute.

Viola Beach weren’t that good.

I’ll skip ‘The Last Ship’ 3x04.

I bit my tongue, it hurts.

I may review ‘A Haunted House’.

Anyone recall ‘Mini-Pops’?

Michael Praed has no aged well at all.

They’re remaking ‘Splash’?

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“The police weren’t listening to me.”

“Have you accused other people in your life of molesting behaviour?”

“Not only convenient.”

“Does that bode well for you?”

“Are all of these accusations true?”

“I’m not allowed to be her mom anymore.”

“Clearly you lied to them.”

“Developmentally very unusual.”

“The mean judge.”

“Sent me in Wal-Mart clothes.”

“Those are parent words.”

“A lot of rage.”

“Last 5 years of living hell.”

“I will always believe that.”

“You are trying to defend it?”

“Pregnant with some random guy’s baby.”

“Don’t try to play like that.”

“Leave a block at the desk.”

“A giant joke.”

“He’s a horrible person.”

“These games will wear a man out.”

“Did he assault you at the mall?”

“She means it. She really will.”

“Runaway charges.”

“Gain the insight.”

“Open her up to exposure.”

“We expect you to be supportive.”

“There seems to be no consequences.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Legally it can’t be described as vinegar.”

“Sold by one record store with a note reassuring customers that these weren’t manufacturing errors.”

“Like getting paper underwear.”

“Street robbery.”

“A $60 dollar jar of Sex Dust.”

“Less judgemental of his lifestyle, habits and attitude.”

“His capacity to offend liberal America is an important part of his appeal.”

“One unforgettable question.”

“The shared values cultural taboos depend upon have been catastrophically eroded by joblessness and stagnant pay.”

“Angry and hostile reaction.”

“Societal norms.”

“Captive to all household work with no choice, recognition, voice or joy.”

“Ruinous orthodoxy.”

“Grossly unaware relic from the VHS era.”

“In Siberia, an anthrax outbreak is raging through the human and reindeer populations because infected corpses locked in permafrost since the last epidemic in 1941 have thawed.”

“An adequate exertion of will.”

“Her outbursts regarded as further evidence of personal failing.”

“To hold somebody accountable for a situation they have no power to alter, to increase the pressure by means of threats and penalties if they fail to make changes they have no capacity to make.”

“Sort herself out.”

‘Outnumbered’ Quotes:
“You know why not.”

“He is safe yes?”

“And what is myself like?”

“Shelf I fix.”

“Hiroshima. That’s more like it.”

“Isn’t your brain on your side?”

“You do make such a drama out of everything.”

“She looks down people’s toilets.”

“Get Ben’s bike out of the pond.”

“Satan’s everywhere not just in hell hurting people.”

“Especially when they’re making a complaint and work for The Daily Mail.”

“They expressed that opinion quite forcefully.”

“Mass dissent.”

“You stupid pillock.”

‘The Herald’ Quotes:
“Had a knife hidden in his boxer shorts.”

“Bottom dramas.”

“Words were exchanged.”

“Falling out in the relationship which has been quite toxic ever since.”

“Everything goes arse-ways.”

“An ice-pick in the brain of all who saw it.”

‘Great American Railroad Journeys’ Quote:
“Trade and commerce was all sea based in the 17th century.”

‘Supernatural’ Quotes:
“Even the internet thinks I’m crazy.”

“Do not religiously persecute me.”

‘Wasted’ Quotes:
“Your gravy pond.”

“We set up a harness.”

“Fight satan in bare-knuckle combat.”

“Financial words.”

“Tugging him off in the bogs.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“A culture of anonymous letters was poisonous.”

“A dangerous candour.”

“Famed for his erratic personality.”

On ‘Neighbours’: Did Piper put the snake on the lawn? Paige and Tyler are shameless. Paul plots against Terese and her stolen power and ownership. This is woefully bad but not as bad as ‘Hollyoaks’ which I am on a break from yet again.
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