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Containment 1x04 + Escape Into Night (1972) 1x01 + The Living And The Dead 1x06 Reviewed

With Silence And Tears
The rigidly ordered lives of those inside the cordon go on. There is a long list of woes. Drones fly around. Jana looks at Lex extremely negatively. This has a lack of logical weight. Lex spews sagacity. Katie bores. The best thing about this ep was the 80s style VHS opening credits. People dramatise the situation. Katie’s annoying kid is the pet buffoon.

Things are rigid and impersonal. Those of predatory gaits wander around. Leo Greene and his personal delusions bore. Theresa has a quarrelsome attitude. Things lurk beneath the narrative horizon. Baddies with bad grace are not coolly menacing. There is no growing despair or lives coloured with uncertainty. There is no underlying logic or ethical and moral issues. This was not unforgettably harrowing and has no emotional stakes. Jana breaks reclusion. Xander tries to breaks in. Lex is soul shaken. Toxic Barbie is not in this one. Leo Greene swaggers.

Theresa whines and then the rednecks rob the store again. Katie needs her crazy pills. Jana whines non-stop. Leo Greene gets a punch in the face. There is bad acting. Katie is a former addict. Xander gets into the cordon and catapults out footage of Leo Greene’s dead colleagues. This was mediocre.

Best Lines:
“Lawyers and all these legal threats.”

“This big evil plot to destroy Atlanta.”

“Rednecks with guns.”

Escape Into Night (1972) 1x01
This drama is based on the book ‘Marianne Dreams’. It was made in colour but now only exists in black and white. This has bad opening credits and everything looks like a stage-set. Marianne lies in bed with a cracked bone and is patronised by a doctor. She looks fine, draws and her mother whines non-stop. Her father is away and can’t call because the phone is too expensive. The mother is very suffocating and harbours bitter resentment at her injured child.

The mother spews indignation non-stop. It’s the 1970s and so everyone looks like they slept in a garbage truck. This is the sort of TV you’d barely deem passable on a long-haul flight. Who cares about Marianne’s crippling loneliness? Her mother is in a foul mood throughout. This was not joyous. Marianne dreams about a creepy house. There is stage school acting. There’s shouting and infinite repetition of annoying moments. The doctor had breathtaking paternalism and deep smugness. There is a boy in the house.

The mother is sour and confrontational and full of self-satisfaction. There are no gasp moments. Marianne’s mother is a negative person. They plan to get Marianne a teacher. The doctor does so many home visits. This does not induce a far greater fascination. This is apparently held in awe-tinged respect. I fail to see why.

Best Lines:
“Be very brave and sensible.”

“People go mad when they’re shut up.”

“Get up to wash.”

“You’re impossible sometimes Marianne.”

“That’s a stupid thing.”

“Your horrid house.”

“Draw stairs the proper way.”

The Living And The Dead 1x06
Bloody Gabriel bothers people. Lara is Nathan’s great-great granddaughter and she is on a nut-ward and she is ipad woman. Gabriel haunts her too. Shepzoy is in Somerset and in the present is an empty mess. Lara escapes the nut ward too easily to run to Shepzoy. She brings her baby daughter Lottie with her. Charlotte is chased by Mr Payne the neighbour who likes her. This was not brilliantly strange. Nathan is discourteous and crazy.

There is a lump of metal in the marshy area. What could it be? Nathan doesn’t seem at all sorry to have injured his wife. This was not even slightly harrowing. Nathan’s apparent willingness to throw it all away for Gabriel is crazy. This had no spirit or conviction. Nathan does drugs and the villagers clear out. Nathan overacts. This was not intense. Nathan has no cultivated charm and cannot reason calmly. He is flattered by his own emerging narrative. He is the worst person ever.

Harriet lurks like a bad smell. Gabriel is played by a bad child actor. Lara the dumb bitch won’t leave. This ep was hit with the stupid stick. Gabriel is an evil brat and Nathan is a prat. Oh for god’s sake, this sucked. The bit of metal is dug out of the marsh and it turns out to be Lara’s car. How did it get to 1894? Lara’s a ghost now and Gabriel wants her to be his mummy. A 2016 car does not arouse interest in 1894.

Nathan gets over being mad and now it is 1895 and his daughter has been born. Nathan sees more visions of the future. This time maybe of the 1920s and learns he will kill his wife. Oh nice sequel hook. This was not good at all.

Best Lines:
“Squeaky giraffe.”

“I cannot laze, sadly.”

“We do not lack faith.”

“How are the turnips?”

“You, dear wife, distract me.”

“You’re my mummy now.”

“Why did you kill your wife?”
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