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Book Reviews: The Girls

The Girls by Lisa Jewell
A variety of families live in homes that share a 3 acre communal garden. It seems like a peaceful sanctum but vengeful fantasies, TV-fostered illusions of love and off-puttingly smug parents lead to the wrenchingly unexpected and the reservoir of trust evaporates. This is a good tale of how feelings of discontent can lead to the loss of all rationality and reason. And how disengaged and lazy parents breed morally deficient kids incapable of empathy. This is a tale of forseeability, ignored smaller deceits and the sullied truth.

Best Lines:
“What was normal family clutter and dirt was squalor and laziness.”

“If Catkin wanted to look like a feral street urchin, that was entirely her decision.”

“Hungry feed-me eyes.”

“I do not know any of you.”
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