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Book Reviews: The Ripper Legacy + Girls On Fire + The Group

The Ripper Legacy by David Stuart Davies
This horrible Sherlock Holmes novel is not real and substantial. Poor moral choices and demonstrable dishonesty are in evidence. Watson is thick, Holmes is steely and measured, Mycroft is aloof and cold and old enemies show up in utterly contrived fashion. The plot is not vividly handled and does not capture the imagination. What do you expect from the author of ‘The Devil’s Promise’ and ‘The Scroll of the Dead’?

Best Lines:
“Numerous nefarious-looking fellows.”

“On no account must you acknowledge that you know me.”

“Their intentions were far from benevolent.”

“Something had happened to him. Something unpleasant.”

“We have been sable to snatch his subservient partner.”

“Invalid conveyances.”

Girls On Fire by Robin Wasserman
Moral misconduct takes place in a small town as an unpopular girl projects her hopes and aspirations onto her new ‘friend’. This was not touching in its sincerity as the bad girl turns the good girl into her confidant and wingman in the early 90s in small town America. There is toxic female friendship, death and satanic panic.

This is a tale of thin-skinned and petty girls, a non-cohesive plot, polemics and this book was not a commendable idea. Girls go on an acrimonious journey, the plot is intolerably fanciful and families are nasty cabals in their flat-lawned townhouses. There is paranoid chatter about satan, the plot has no brio or verve but is creatively derivative and silly.

There is OTT anger and vengefulness, defamatory imputations, insufficient consideration for feelings and no high drama or social comedy. This is not bracing, challenging, expansive or intriguing. It’s hammed up and phoney. The girls aren’t tender or vulnerable and this was not accomplished or satisfying.

Girls spew irritable verbiage and anger builds until its fermentation will eventually prove explosive. This was not deft, tender or true. There is no thumping finish and this was not sly or wicked. Everyone is arrogant and false and loaded with self-consciousness. Nobody has a value base and I disliked this immensely.

Best Lines:
“A blow-job-amenable girlfriend. Logic dictated joy.”

“A stripper’s name and a trucker’s wardrobe.”

“The mirror was my enemy.”

“There’s something wrong with you.”

“Trashy language, trashy sentiments.”

“We doubted that the maggoty dust of Galileo’s four-hundred-year-old corpse much cared that the church had finally gotten a clue.”

The Group by Mary McCarthy
This 1963 novel tells of ‘modern’ women and their blasé cool misery. This was inessential.
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