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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Containment’ 1x04 promo
Gangs rampage.

‘Wasted’ promo
“I’m Sean Bean. I can do what I like.”

‘The Living and the Dead’ 1x06 promo

‘Limbo Hop’ ad

‘Miami Vice’ promo
Colin Farrell and his frosted hair.

‘Ross Kemp Extreme World’ opening credits

Basil seed drink with orange flavour - mmmm.
Gluten free white sliced loaf - too dry.
Rose lemonade - good.
Vegan cheesecake - yum.

Vox audita perit littera scripta manet - the heard voice perishes, the written letter remains.

The ‘Undead & Unwed’ books by MaryJanice Davidson suck.

I will review ‘Girls On Fire’, ‘The Girls’ and ‘The Ex’.

‘Wasted’ Quotes:
“That’s why they give him such a big desk.”

“Like the time he melted all your Warhammer figures?”

“I got it off eBay so it might be a bit wonky.”

“What kind of mould grows on Ecstasy?”

“I think you might have downloaded a dogging app.”

“Your fly’s undone.”
“Yeah. I know.”

“Half price condoms and a pair of fingerless gloves.”

“Panicky face emojii.”

“It’s only a street dump.”

“We don’t all hate you.”

“Just having a booze panic.”

“Pulling deer chunks out of my radiator.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“I was tired of the act.”

“Threats made to me.”

“Kicking it with the enemy.”

“These are very serious accusations.”

“That’s not even a logical statement.”

“You and your family dynamics.”

“Stripper friend.”

“Turned away from his marriage.”

“Not very sexually motivated.”

“Called her everything but decent.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Buy a packet from your local sundries man.”

“Quiet, deep and unfailingly positive.”

“Being nudged toward the agenda of the owners.”

“Aspect of culturalism.”

“Deeply sinister turn.”

“Your lack of appreciation for your wrongdoing.”

“Worrying personality traits.”

“Flag etiquette.”

‘Sky News’ Quotes:
“Atlantic garbage patch.”

“Years, decades even.”

“Octopus pot.”

‘Ross Kemp Extreme World’ Quotes:
“Credit hustling.”

“Subterranean existence.”

“Are we doing that lock out?”

“You might want to get your stuff and go.”

“You should have left yesterday.”

On ‘Neighbours’: Drab and Lauren let Paige away with her crap, again. Paige takes impish delight in being selfish and nasty and cheap. Piper chases Tyler down the street in her school uniform and insists she’s Not That Kind Of Girl. Tyler has lost all interest in Piper. Amy is the subject of a newspaper headline: Maid Of Dishonour. Gary steals newspapers. Terese, Drab and Lauren chat. Lauren is selfish and everyone sees her as sweet-charactered. Paige and her whore-hair is famously aggressive and acerbic.

Who is Prescott? Amy’s son lurks. Lucy Robinson, Paul’s sister, returns. She is played by yet another actress and she is a blonde now. Is she still allergic to bees? Paige takes instantaneous satisfaction in letting Piper know she screwed Tyler. Terese is fat and smug. Piper rants at Drab about Paige and her crap. Drab and Lauren call Paige on her crap but let her away with everything, again. It’s always all about her and her selfishness.

Paige and Tyler are so getting back together. Paul plots. Terese is flummoxed by Paul. Lucy was nowhere to be seen when Paul was in trouble. Terese is a shrill harpy. Piper gets worse.

Best Lines:

“Paige slept with him!”

“His smutty cleaning business.

“You didn’t exactly help yourself.”
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