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The Living And The Dead 1x05 + Law & Order: SVU 16x21 + Containment 1x03 Reviewed

The Living And The Dead 1x05
Nathan’s descent into crazy town has clouded the future and Charlotte won’t isolate herself from certain bad relationships. This is a not a world where justice and redemption triumph. Sense is an abstract notion. Nobody has propriety and legends of a civil war massacre come to life. The railway people stop working and there is moral panic.

Who is the woman in red? Nathan’s clothes look very present day. Charlotte has no breathless optimism about the farm now. Nathan has no affable touch. He keeps making ghastly expressions. This was okay if not resplendent. Harriet shows up again. The peasants are revolting and Gabriel shows up in a photograph. The irritating vicar bumbles. There is a landscape of astonishment. Who is the hag horror lurking around Shepzoy? Ghosts are seen and Nathan yells and is selfish. He has one emotional note and is beyond awful. He is not deliciously terrible and smacks his wife. This was not splendidly creepy and has no adorability.

Best Lines:
“There is something wrong here.”

“Nothing good comes from inviting the dead back in your life.”

“Why would anyone set fire to a tree?”

“The super-normal.”

“Where are you going?”
“Away from here!”

“Whatever evil she brought here.”

“You foe of the human race.”

“An unforgivable lie.”

“I will take my gun to you.”

Perverted Justice
Did a mother pressure her 6 year old daughter into making false accusations 17 years ago? The case is reopened. The daughter looks older than the mother. There is an idiot former lawyer, inappropriate relations, Project Innocence and Robert Sean Leonard.
A retrial leads to inconclusive testimony and an unsure victim. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“They needed parenting.”

“Sick controlling waste of life.”

“She knocked the tree over.”

“She was crying.”
“Not because of me.”

“I found him credible.”

“Hardly pay for her transcript copies.”

“That man’s a curse. Is he dead?”

“I did get disbarred in 09.”

“You’re telling her to say other things.”

“You did the right thing.”
“Did we?”

Be Angry At The Sun
Katie bores. The phones and internet are finally cut off due to irritating reporters stirring the pot. Lex is agonised and the sitch deteriorates. There is only man inside the cordon who can get rats apparently. Officer Riley (Chris Wood) has to chuck bodies into the hospital furnace. He broods. Jana screeches and she and her hateful silences annoy. Lex grudgingly does his job. Leo Greene the annoying reporter pushes the panic button. Stupid kids do stupid stuff.

Leo Greene sees conspiratorial manoeuvrings and is poisoned with overreach. His inquisitiveness is not kittenish. A stupid kid causes issues. Jana is surrounded by morons and morons have increased susceptibility. Thieves hit the store. This was not exactly a poetic remaining of ‘Cordon’. Dr Lommers utters pronouncements. People yell and ignore medical advice and all sense. There is bad acting and plotting, treachery and depravity. Baker walks off.

Best Lines:
“Shame on you!”

“Our biggest enemy is fear. And it’s coming from him.”

“It’s like the plague crosses in Europe.”

“Death marks on doors.”

“Outmanned 400 to 1.”

“Civic and moral duty.”

“Empowered to defend the cordon with deadly force.”
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