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Book Reviews: Captain To Captain + The Creeper Man

Star Trek Legacies Book 1: Captain To Captain by Greg Cox
Book 1 of the 50th anniversary trilogy is horrible, it is a formulaic approach to an uninteresting tale and leaves one with no interest in Books 2&3. It is a tale about a secret passed down from Enterprise captain to Enterprise captain. This features April, Kirk, Number One, flashbacks, combative confidence, a dusty yellow apocalypse, evil slugs, an annoying kid, Romulans and has a disproportionate emphasis on characters nobody cares about.

This book tries to be appropriately serious but is saccharine and dull. This has first contact, Prime Directive violations, McCoy being useless, selfishness and unnecessary Klingons.

Best Lines:
“Answers are mandatory.”

“Step away from the unclean relic.”

“You will not be harmed...much.”

The Creeper Man by Dawn Kurtagich
This mess is by the author of ‘The Dead House’ and is about a girl’s vertiginous descent into madness. She has the diseased need to scream, yell and make the stupidest wrong choice every single time. Everything she does is motivated by her fear of some non-existent enemy. This book invoked an intense response of boredom and irritation. Lord this was DREADFUL.
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