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Book Review: The Best Horror Of The Year Volume Eight, part 2

The Best Horror Of The Year Volume Eight edited by Ellen Datlow, part 2

People try to survive after a plague. Morally damaging things happen in this grim universe to the world’s least interesting people whose personalities are distilled down to their relationships. This was negligible.

Indian Giver
A tale of the Old West and a strangely unsettling story of calculated violence comes out. This is not gloriously realised or desperately affecting.

Best Line:
“Mountain flush out.”

My Boy Builds Coffins
A couple realise there is something wrong with their son. This is an okay tale of deep gloom.

The Woman In The Hill
A letter warns of something that lurks in the hills. Something that causes dead hopes and broken dreams. This is a good tale of ominous intent, growing menace and a slow inexorable loss of hope.

Best Lines:
“What is down there should not be sought, not even for purposes of expurgation.”

“This is not your mystery.”

The Underground Economy
A tale of a stripper whose ‘friend’ is carved with knowing. I’ve no idea what this weary and forlorn tale was about.

The Rooms Are High
A fretful tale of pitiless awfulness.

All The Day You’ll Have Good Luck
A girl and her family have obsessive secrecy about what they are. And for them happiness is not easily attainable. This was gratifying but has no emotional foundation.

Lord Of The Sand
A tale of a reunion and unconventional revenge. There is a mantle of anger and a prodigious appetite. This was not luminously written.

People are stuck in an airport. Disapproval, doubt and despair erupt as people resent the authorities who deny them answers and insist on them following inconvenient rules. This was okay and ends in a mad confrontation.

Fabulous Beasts
A tale of a messed up family and their blandly unconcerned wickedness. They are ignorant, idle and absolutely uncontrolled. This has no authenticity

An okay tale of emotional responses to death.

By Adam Nevill. An excellent, scary and impressive tale of a monster loose on a ship. This was crisp and brutal.

Best Line:
“An unwitting beacon for what exists out here upon these waves.”

Black Dog
By Neil Gaiman. An American visits a quaint English village and encounters uninvited ghosts. Okay.

The 21st Century Shadow
Short and dumb.

The Stagnant Breath Of Change
In a town of outmoded ways, the consequences of a ghastly bargain live on. This was very good.
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