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Shades Of Blue 1x02 + The Last Ship 3x02 + Madam Secretary 1x03 Reviewed

Original Sin
There is a spree of shootings and Harlee smashes her necklace. This was shot artily. Ray Liotta shouts hyperbole. Harlee has insidious feelings of guilt. There is no radiant respect for the law. There is a profound disconnect with this ep. There is trouble from the past. Warren Kole is rage inducing.

Harlee has Sisyphean misery and isolation. There are dismayed commentaries. Warren Kole sees an epoch of chaos and debauchery and thinks it is his unswerving duty to bring down the crew. Lies come out. Warren Kole has tedious self-satisfaction. This was a fair to awful ep. Tess attacks her husband’s side-ho. There is an old-fashioned kettle. Harlee’s daughter is a lying slut. Harlee’s father is a violent felon who Harlee framed for murder. Ray Liotta may be on to Harlee.

Best Lines:
“Slathering ben-gay all over his junk.”

“Paranoia needs to over thinking.”

“Things could get loud. We had thin walls and nosy neighbours.”

“She looks angry.”
“Yeah. So am I.”

“Who’s that yelling?”

“Go help him extricate it.”

“Published a tell-all about his drug addiction.”

Rising Sun
Dichen Lachman guest stars as a pilot and gets a dramatic introduction. There is little in the way of positive mental attitude in this ep. Just malignant destiny and social estrangement and paranoid views. The sneering villain rules the ghastly present. The POTUS faces trouble. This is not a bleak vision just slightly irritating and pretentious.

Everything is treated with vast significance. But this was just slight and ponderous. Violence ensues. This does not have a sharp or original perspective. This ep has a soporific effect. The ex-XO is irritatingly superior and perpetually grumpy. I am increasingly disappointed with season 3. People snarl and sneer. Chandler does messianic utterances and there are mob theatrics. This has no constancy or gravity. Why do the baddies want blood? Why am I still watching this?

Best Line:
“Hot start.”

The Operative
Elizabeth has email issues. A Merkel clone lurks. Elizabeth’s kids are a serious misjudgement. She thinks politics is a hilarious jape and she has deep collective angst. This was reassuringly dull. There is profound ignorance and a reporter is sinister and malicious and thinks she is manning the barricades of civilization. There are no honourable reputations and the faintly smug reporter yells and has a lack of deference.

Various people with stern faces see sacrosanct boundaries violated. Elizabeth’s husband looks rightly livid. Her annoying children baffle and infuriate. Little about this ep is interesting. Elizabeth’ husband is an ass with cold distain. This was not textured.

Best Lines:
“Coked up narcissist blowhard.”

“Sweaty brain damaged hippo.”

“The Gift Room.”

“Too arms for hostage-y.”

“They have no standing army and their biggest export is false teeth.”

“The next document dump just hit.”
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