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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Sherlock’ series 4 promo
Sherlock cracks up. Mmmm.

Best Line:
“Get out of my house. You reptile.”

‘Gold’ promo

‘Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates’ TV spot
Creepy men date weirdoes.

‘The Infiltrator’ promo

‘Shades Of Blue’ promo

Best Line:
“I own you.”

‘The Saint’ opening credits

‘Awake’ (2007) promo

‘Millions’ (2004) promo

‘The Wedding Planner’ (2001) promo

‘Dunston Checks In’ (1996) promo

‘Unforgiven’ (1992) promo

‘The Others’ (2001) promo

‘Out Of The Furnace’ (2013) promo

‘Tower Heist’ (2011) promo

White Men Can’t Jump’ (1992) promo

Black Raspberry Flavoured Sparkling Water - nice.
Garlic spread - yum.
Sweet meringue with a milk chocolate coating - no.
Extra Dark Chocolate with Cornish sea salt - yum.

I won’t watch ‘Mask Maker’.

No more VCR’s are being made?!?

A King Kong v Godzilla film in 2020?

Hygge - candlelit, cinnamon-scented cosiness.

Recall ‘Ever Decreasing Circles’?

I saw ‘The Execution Of Lady Jane Grey’ (1833) painting and it is fascinating.

Ressentiment - resentment.

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“Professional Controversialist.”

“Her instinctive reaction was to be sceptical about my sincerity.”

“It can almost be medicalised.”

“CD boom of the 1990s.”

“If everything’s available all the time, nothing has any weight.”

“She’s really miserable and lost.”

“The sewage-brown water is full of jellyfish and super tankers.”

“The most common professions for female leads in Hollywood films were cupcake makers, lifestyle journalists and art-gallery employees.”

“Unwashed skunk-befuddled hippies.”

“The kind of person you’d quite like to push into a pond.”


“The path to toothbrush permanence.”

“Coat-tail celebrity.”

“Could marry someone couth, well connected but faintly artistic.”

“Way too many royals for any meaningful role.”

“Adept mainly at opening fetes.”

“I would have just carried on dating ridiculous boys with beards.”

“Rancorous debate.”

“Never a consideration of mind.”

“Vociferous attack.”

“The memory capacity of a six-month old.”

“No care or nurturing of talent.”

“Given everything they want, until they self-destruct.”

“Potent political force.”

“Like to be outraged.”

“Famous for the men who loved her.”

“Appears to be neither the norm nor the objective.”

“No graphic capabilities at all.”

“Anything organic is banned by international agreement.”

“Beyond the point of truth or decency.”

“A lot of girls came to New York and ended up in the nightclubs.”

“Judgement Committees.”

“They seem to mistake frantic rushing about the stage for a high-energy performance.”

“Courting was a grim business.”

‘The Sunday Telegraph’ Quotes:
“Unwanted tenant.”

“Two balls of squeaking grey fluff.”

“Their plane had to land without any lights on to avoid a missile attack.”

“Low boredom threshold and passion for alcohol.”

“All the usual Reed antics ensued: arm-wrestling matches, kicking in hotel doors and fighting.”

‘Saddam Goes To Hollywood’ Quotes:
Got down and kissed the bloody carpet.”

“I better die anyway.”

‘Teen Mom 2’ Quotes:
“I grew up the wrong way.”

“Drug seeking behaviour.”

“I’m not going back to that.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“He is a disgusting pig.”

“Injecting you with poison every night.”

“This is a laser wall.”

“They like what he is doing to them.”

“Perhaps you’re wrong.”

“Not a rational response.”

“Logic tests.”

‘Idiotsitter’ Quotes:
“There’s no fan blowing your hair.”

I can digest wheat flour.”

‘Captain To Captain’ Quote:
“Unknown to history and Starfleet.”

On ‘Neighbours’: Piper is a moron stalking her ex. Paige spews feral insults, acts like a slag and throws an annoyingly loud party. Amy is exposed as a ho. Father Jack has his beliefs insulted. Paige and Tyler get it on the pool. She is an awful selfish bitch. He is a man-ho with a permanent blank expression.
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