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Book Reviews: Lying In Wait + The Best Horror Of The Year Volume Eight, part 1

Lying In Wait by Liz Nugent
This is a knockoff of ‘Motherlove’ as this too centres on a dreadful woman who ruins families. Lydia ruins her family and other peoples with lies and a chalice of guilt. Her vociferous discordant draconian awfulness and fondness for murderous revenge causes dislike and distrust. This was devastatingly horrible that leaves you apathetic. The ‘twist’ and the pall of suspicion and paranoia are laughable.

Best Lines:
“I’ve never been to Athlone.”
“You’ve never been anywhere.”

“Mummy had caused a scandal by running off with a plumber.”

The Best Horror Of The Year Volume Eight edited by Ellen Datlow, part 1
Another anthology of horror.

We Are All Monsters Here
By Kelley Armstrong; this is a very dark tale of a vampire outbreak and the things one woman has to do to avoid meeting a horrific end. This was excellent.

Universal Horror
An aggressive and ferocious mummy bothers hapless malevolent prats. Does not feel darkly true.

Best Line:
“Their flashlights forming malevolent puddles of fear at their feet.”

Slaughtered Lamb
No confrontational impact, just a wildly inappropriate sanctimonious and earnest tale.

In A Cavern, In A Canyon
By Laird Barron. A tale of a white trash family’s encounter with a vampire. This is an okay mad vision full of grand sweeps of cynicism.

Between The Pilings
A useless drama about Innsmouth.
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