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House Of Cards Season 4 part 4 + The Musketeers 3x08 Reviewed

Chapter 50
I miss Meechum and his tender and mysterious bond with Underwood. And I miss the complex obligation and loyalty on which his situation depended. Yates has no bland forthrightness, coherent responses or primitivism. He is a poisonous, negative, ill-defined, cantankerous twat who does not deserve a place in Underwood’s loyal retinue. Stamper stalks a new target with disconcerting seriousness, his emotional landscape is grim. Underwood plays on peoples vanity, gains their trust and betrays them without remorse. Freddy pops up; his old BBQ joint is a ruin.

Remy has a tone of regret. Why does Underwood want to be POTUS at all? Freddy gives Underwood a searing critique of his ceaseless cruelties. Claire and Yates stop being coolly aloof and hook up. Yates has no personality. The disgusting Conway has loftiness and a tremendous sense of complacency. Hammerschmidt bothers people and gets battered. Conway forments and stokes anger. Freddy fulminates. This was okay but had no striking intensity or relevance.

Best Lines:
“I wanted a different opinion.”

“That is a step I am willing to take.”

“Same thing that happens to everything Frank touches.”

“It’s extremely ungrateful.”

“I don’t want nothing to do with him no more.”

“I do hate him.”

Chapter 51
Conway is clinical, callous and detached. Trust fades. ICO strikes back. Sordid things happen. Hammerschmidt interviews Walker, who is quietly angry. The Conways are awful. There is more apparent disregard for logic. This was okay. Jackie throws away her family. Leann does nothing. There is no robust civility.

Best Lines:
“No monsters in the White House.”

“He stole your Presidency.”

Prisoner Of War
Louis rants. Refugee woman faces punishment. Milady prances and why should Athos believe a word she says? Treville plots and does little. Anne of Austria plots, badly. Louis has no attendants. Aramis and his nerdy machismo is dim. Anne of Austria gets wrapped up in all that drama. There are hilarious prosaic acts of behaviour. D’artagnan is not a spirited individualist, just boring. There is no pacy dialogue.

WTF is the point of the Red Guard guy? Grimaud is all scenery chewing rage. Louis prances in placid innocence. Gaston is a deceitful megalomaniac. This was unwatchably bad and not compelling or moving.

The plot is not alive with threat. Anne of Austria peers at people reproachfully. Milady is an unsubmissive type and there are no reputational gains for her. This is a widely derided ep. This was dementedly awful. D’artagnan has a boring cousin. Constance is an open-mouthed twat. A bad wig is worn. Treville yells and Anne of Austria is made to look bad.

There are ugly clothes. Treville, Anne of Austria and Constance have paranoia and mistrust and creepy solicitousness. There is bad acting, boredom and people are touchingly confident in their own stupidity. Intentions are trivialised. This was not emotionally committed. Why should the people feel such gratitude to their Spanish Queen? Athos and Porthos are inarguably terrible people. Refugee woman bores. Milady is ultra aggressive. There is unwashed hair and this show has gone down a dark hole. Aramis rants and I do not care.

Best Lines:
“Spanish harlot.”

“Bury this Spanish queen in shame and disgrace.”

“There can be no peace.”
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